Gorakhnath Temple presents a perfect picture of communal harmony

Situated along the banks of Rapti River in Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur city is famous as a religious centre. Home to Buddhists, Hindu, Jain and Sikh Saints, the city is named after a medieval saint, Gorakshanath or Gorakhnath in whose honour a famous temple is also built. Standing on the 52 acres of the land, the most attractive feature of this temple is the garbh griha where white marble statue of sage Gorakhnath performing yogic meditation is enshrined. Though a Hindu religious site, this temple is providing livelihood to hundreds of Muslim families who have been running their shops inside its premises for years, making it an epitome of communal harmony. Every year, the temple hosts the famous Khichdi Parv or Makar Sankranti fair which lasts for about a month. A number of food stalls and shops are set up around the temple at this time. Be it Hindus, Muslims or any other community people, everyone becomes a part of the fair. They mingle with each other, shop together and pray together, perfectly packaging a Mini India at one place. There are numerous religious sites in India belonging to various faiths but the one thing that connects them all is the message of love and brotherhood that they spread. Gorakhnath temple is also one among them which has been for years representing the country's 'Unity in Diversity'.