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Would you try snail curry to cure chronic diseases? Here's what Andhra Pradesh locals believe

Andhra Pradesh locals believe that snail curry can cure chronic diseases. Would you like to try this bizarre delicacy?

Aparupa Devnath Written By: Aparupa Devnath New Delhi Published on: April 05, 2023 18:59 IST
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Image Source : TWITTER/@KITCHEN_FOODS Andhra Pradesh's snail curry is believed to cure some 'chronic' diseases.

There are end number of bizarre foods around the world and each day we come across some or the other news of food that will make us think twice before trying it. Currently, a strange delicacy from Andhra Pradesh is doing the rounds on the internet. The choice of food differs as we go to different states and countries but having a belief behind it is something strange. The locals of Andhra Pradesh believe that eating snails can cure chronic diseases. Yes, you read it right, snail curry is gaining popularity in Andra Pradesh for its health benefits.

The non-vegetarian foodies in the districts on the banks of River Godavari in Andhra Pradesh prefer to eat food items with spicy ingredients made of snails.  Traders are now catching snails from the canals of the river Godavari. They are also involved in the processing of snail meat on the roadside of the canal. They separate the snail with its protective shell using a sharp object and then display them on a plastic sheet where the passerby on the road can make a good deal with the snail traders in purchasing them.

As per these non-veg foodies, this one food item can cure chronic diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, fatigue and weariness. These people claim that although the process of making snail curry is a little bit tough and lengthy, taste-wise it is tastier than the meat of goat. Meanwhile, many also believe that eating snails during pregnancy can make the child have a drooling disease and delay mental development.

These snails are available at a very low price of 100 to 200 rupees per kg. Due to its many health benefits, meat lovers are increasing on a large scale. However, as these are available in small quantities, the demand for them is also high. Those who have eaten the snail curry have directly explained that we are getting taste and health through these snails by spending very little money.


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