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Ways to get your periods overnight; this video tells the most hilarious and relatable tricks

After a video of a woman telling the top three ways to get your periods overnight goes viral, netizens come up with more hilarious tricks. Can you relate to them?

Parina Taneja Written By: Parina Taneja New Delhi Updated on: July 05, 2022 17:29 IST
Ways to get your periods overnight | Viral video

Ways to get your periods overnight | Viral video

'Ways to get your periods overnight'- All girls have been there when all they want is for their periods to arrive and be over before any important plans or events they have to attend. However, it is an 'experienced' fact that they arrive at the most unexpected times. On the same note, a video is going viral on the internet in which a girl tells the top three ways to get your periods overnight according to social media comments. In the most relatable post, it says you can get your periods instantly when "you put a new white bedsheet."

The second option is "Plan a trip and your periods will be there." Another way to get the periods early is when you wear "white clothes and new panties- the job is done."

The video has been attracting many interesting responses from social media users. An Instagram user said, "All of these work definitely, but if you plan any trip>>> taddaaaaa !!! you get it doesn't matter what the date is." Another said, "Seriously…. Nothing works like Murphy’s Laws…. Do everything hoping you won’t get it and you will." A third user commented, "just hope it won't arrive and then think of the devil and the devil is here."

Check out the video-

As we know menstruation takes place when the uterus sheds its lining through the vagina. A typical menstrual cycle lasts from one to seven days; however, this duration varies from one woman to another. Periods may change throughout your lifetime; be it the timing, duration, and flow of periods and it can be extremely difficult to differentiate between normal and abnormal.

Also, there are many myths and superstitions around menstruation that have been there around the world. Some commons myths are as follows-

  • Period pain is 'just like' anything you've experienced- Well, no its not.
  • Period blood is dirty blood - Totally untrue!
  • It's okay to dismiss women's feelings when they're on period because it is just mood swings
  • During periods, girls are impure- There is nothing impure about periods
  • Sanitary products should be kept private- It is like all other personal hygiene products
  • Foods like curd, pickles and tamarind disturb menstrual flow- No they do not.
  • You can't or should not have sex during your period- You can have sex while on your period

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Women are often taught to keep menstruation a private affair, and talking about periods is often stigmatised. They are expected to endure the pain and work through it. Stress from work and domestic life can add to the physical discomfort. You must listen to your body and give it a break as and when it needs.

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