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VIRAL VIDEO: 'Sindoor triggers sex drive', claims woman; netizens Google it & here's what they found

In a viral video, a woman claims that sindoor 'triggers' sex drive in addition to cooling down one's body. Netizens reacted to the video with hilarious memes and jokes.

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk
New Delhi Published on: May 13, 2022 13:30 IST
Representative image

Representative image

VIRAL VIDEO: 'Sindoor triggers sex drive', claims a woman in a video that has gone viral on social media. In the video, the woman flaunts vermillion on her forehead and goes on to share that it has multiple benefits. She lists down three of them. The first one claims that since it has mercury content in it, the metal contents help to cool your body. Her second claim is that it has a relaxing effect and lastly, according to the woman, Sindoor "triggers sex drive". 

Netizens definitely didn't agree with these and reacted to them by sharing hilarious memes and responses. Some also Googled it and posted the search results on Twitter. The post, at the time of publishing this story garnered over 5k likes with hundreds of reactions. Take a look: 

Countering her first claim about the cooling effect, a user wrote, "ac kya cheez hai aap sindoor lagaeyee." Another said, "garmi lg rhi yaar aake sindoor lga de." Blasting the other ones, a Twitter user commented on the post writing, "My fav is the mention of "triggers sex drive" as if Sindoor is an aphrodisiac. this is the chutki sindoor ki keemat Shanti was talking about."

Some also claimed that Mercury in fact is bad for health. "Mercury! Is no one going to talk about the toxicity of mercury applied in the skin," a user Tweeted, while another one said, "Mercury is a heavy metal and prolonged exposure can cause a variety of illnesses lmao."