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Viral video shows passengers sleeping near toilets on Chhattisgarh Express | WATCH

Recent viral videos highlight the chaotic and overcrowded conditions on Indian trains, with passengers sharing their unique encounters and frustrations, particularly with ticketless travelers occupying reserved seats.

Edited By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar New Delhi Published on: June 13, 2024 17:17 IST
Railway Viral Video
Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB The video shows packed railway coach with passengers sitting on floor

Every second day, Twitter is full of videos where passengers share their unique encounters or traumatic ordeals faced while onboard the Indian Railways. While a few have interesting stories to share about their train journeys, a recent trend highlights the increasing chaos among passengers due to overcrowded trains.

Adding to this trend, a video has gone viral, depicting passengers sleeping near the toilet area on the Chhattisgarh Express train, while others struggle to find space. In the now 28-second viral video, which has garnered thousands of views, people can be seen sleeping on the floor, at the gate, near the bathroom—essentially any place they could find vacant.

Significantly, the incident has sparked wide condemnation online, with many users expressing frustration over the present state of the Indian railways. One of the viewer posted, 'Common man is travelling like this and we talk of the India of dreams'.

It is pertinent to note that several X (formerly Twitter) users have also recently posted videos depicting overcrowded situations in trains, especially with ticketless passengers occupying seats in reserved coaches.

Recently, in a video posted on April 16, a traveler expressed his frustration with the Indian Railways, pointing out that the sleeper coach of the Suhaildev Superfast Express he was traveling in was overcrowded and ticketless passengers were occupying seats, while no ticket examiner had arrived to check the tickets.

In another video, a passenger traveling in the AC-2 coach of the Kashi Express showed the dire condition of the coach, which was overcrowded with passengers sitting on the floor. The passenger also noted that the AC was not working in the coach and that neither food nor water were served.

Meanwhile, another video involving Indian Railways showed a woman passenger traveling without a ticket arguing with co-passengers. The woman, whose behavior has irked many online, refused to vacate a seat that she had forcefully occupied. Railway Seva has responded to the viral video.

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