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Viral video shows autorickshaw with cooler, netizens impressed with 'cool' desi jugaad. Watch

A unique modification to an autorickshaw has caught the attention of the internet.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: June 05, 2023 14:01 IST
autorickshaw with cooler
Image Source : INSTAGRAM autorickshaw with cooler

Trending News: ‘Desi jugaad’, the innovative and resourceful approach of finding quick and unconventional solutions to everyday problems, can be seen in every nook and corner of India. It is often seen in various aspects of Indian life, including transportation. Now, autorickshaws have also become a canvas for drivers to showcase their creative modifications.

In India, autorickshaws typically do not come with built-in coolers or air conditioning, making summer travel uncomfortable for passengers. However, someone came up with the brilliant idea of installing an air cooler in their autorickshaw, providing relief from the scorching heat. A video is going crazy viral that shows an autorickshaw in Punjab, equipped with a cooler attached to its rear side. 

The video, shared by Instagram user @kabir_setia on May 22, has garnered over 4.2 million views and 371k likes. Netizens have expressed their amusement and appreciation for this ingenuity in the comments section, with one user calling it a "Mini BMW" and another joking that they have been riding the wrong auto. "Me galat auto wale ko paise de rha hu," the user wrote. Another commented, "Garmi me bhi thandi ka ahsaas." "Lagta hai bhai ne ITI me top kiya tha," a third joked.

Watch the viral video here:

This creative solution showcases the spirit of desi jugaad, where individuals find innovative ways to address challenges they face.

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