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Viral Video: Little girl's reaction on welcoming kitten into family is priceless

A video shows a young girl welcoming a kitten into the family. Her priceless reaction has won the netizens' hearts. Take a look at the viral clip.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: October 01, 2022 19:46 IST
girl welcomes kitten into family
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/UNILAD Young girl welcomes kitten into family

For some, there is no bigger joy than spending time with their pets. Owning an animal gives one immense pleasure and videos and pictures of our cute furry friends are enjoyed by the netizens. Recently, an adorable video of a little girl welcoming a kitten into her family has been shared online and has gone viral. Social media users are sharing their loving comments on the video. It is a wholesome moment that will make you shed a tear for the young girl and her family. 

Little girl sheds tears of joy on seeing kitten

In the video, the father gave one of his daughters a package. The girl is clearly unaware of its contents and takes it with a smile on her face. When she looked inside, she got the surprise of her life as a kitten is seated inside the paper bag, innocently looking at her new owners. Seeing the kitten, the girl could not hold back her tears and got choked up. The video has won the hearts of the netizens. Not only the girl, but her younger siblings also gather around her as they seem excited to welcome this new addition to the family. 

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Netizens react to wholesome video of little girl and kitten

Animal lovers have not been able to get enough of this cute video. Commenting on it, one of the social media users said, "You could say. "The cats out the bag" hey I'm funny right (sic)." Another one commented, "Had me tearing up (sic)." A third social media user said, "These videos always absolutely buckle me!! Love to (sic)."

Later in the video, one can see that the whole family of five girls surrounded the cat inside the bag and took turns petting her. The kitten too enjoyed the love from her new family. 


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