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VIRAL VIDEO: Fan gifts King Charles a pen after the ink leak disaster and Twitter has best reactions

King Charles III's inky situation prompted a fan to gift him a pen and the King and Twitter had the best laugh at it. Watch the viral video here.

India TV Trending Desk Written By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: September 18, 2022 12:45 IST
King Charles III

King Charles had a rather inky situation recently when he sat down to sign visitors' book at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast. The pen leaked all over his hand and he was heard yelling "this bloody thing" before he stormed off and Queen Consort Camilla sat down to sign. Later, he was seen asking the Royal staff to remove the ink and pen when he sat down for signing the Accession Proclamation.

All this was well spoken about, discussed and mocked all over the Internet as the videos of the new monarch went viral. Probably, a fan of Charles III was rather concerned about the King and so she decided to gift him a pen. Recently, when he was greeting fans in United Kingdom's Cardiff, someone presented him with a pen with the message "Just in case". at first, the 73-year-old was unsure and confused as to why he was given a pen, but after a few moments he understood and laughed off at the gift. After thoroughly examining the pen, he thanked the woman for the thoughtful gift while the crowd applauded and cheered for him.

"Haha! Love this! British humor at its finest. "Here ya go Sir, looked like you were struggling the other day"" a user tweeted. "Good to see him chuckle over the lady’s dry sense of humor...," said another.

A third one noted, "The King is amused, brilliant moment." "The king has a great sense of humor just as his mother did," a user said while remembering Queen Elizabeth.

Here are videos of Kind Charles and his fiasco with the ink pens lately:

King Charles-III was proclaimed as the new monarch of England after his mother Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday. Born on November 14, 1948, Charles was the first child of Elizabeth and Philip, then the princess and prince. 

At the age of 19, he formally became the Prince of Wales on July 1, 1969. He married Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981, and became the first royal heir since 1660 to marry an English woman. In August 1996, Diana and Charles went their separate ways and got legally divorced. After Diana's demise in a car accident, Charles remarried Camilla Parker Bowles in April 2005. Soon, the couple got the royal title of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. 

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