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Viral Video: Canada’s ‘breathing tree’ will shock you, netizens left wide-eyed

A video from Calgary in Canada is going viral on the internet. In the video, one can witness a tree 'breathing' heavily as the bark opens and closes. Whoever is watching the video are sharing their shocking reactions.

Charu Jain Edited By: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: August 11, 2022 17:48 IST
Breathing tree
Image Source : YOUTUBE/VIRALHOG Breathing tree

Viral Video: Have you ever come across something very unnatural, that you cannot believe even if you saw it with your own eyes? If not, then you will witness it today. A video from Calgary in Canada is viral on the internet, where one can witness something very unusual. Everyday internet users come across many viral videos in which there is something or other that attracts their attention. This time social media users have witnessed a visual of a 'breathing' tree which they are finding impossible to believe. 

A YouTube channel called Viral Hog shared a video, where a tree can be seen breathing heavily from the crack of its trunk. This video is recorded by a man who had gone for assisting 'hazard trees' after the heavy rainfall and the strong winds in Calgary in June. While walking by a tree, he observed an unseen phenomenon that made him capture the whole moment. He saw the tree that has a crack on its truck and was 'breathing' heavily. 

Along with sharing the video on YouTube, in the caption he wrote, “After taking down a few in the area that had fallen and got hung up in other trees, we heard a loud “crack” and saw this tree.” He added, “The wind blowing it made it look like it was breathing.”

Take a look at the video here: 

Netizens react to 'breathing' tree

The video has garnered more than 5 lakh views and received many comments. One user compared it with a Netflix web series, ‘Stranger Things’ and wrote, “This looks like it belongs in stranger things, it's kinda creepy (sic)." Another user wrote, “That is Freaky (sic)." “What the heck did I just see (sic)”, wrote the third user. 

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Nature's wonders are very popular among social media users. This 'breathing' tree is certainly one of many secrets of Earth that nature enthusiasts and scientists will be interested in. 

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