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'Tu maari kaise re?': UP women fight over 'kabza' of garage space. Watch

Witness the intense clash in a viral video capturing a heated altercation between two women in Uttar Pradesh.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: June 08, 2023 9:51 IST
UP women fight over garage space
Image Source : TWITTER UP women fight over garage space

Trending News: Prepare to be stunned by a viral video capturing a fierce altercation between two women over a garage issue in Uttar Pradesh. The video, shot by one of the women using her phone, sheds light on how the other woman and her husband allegedly misuse their influence to get their way. The tension escalates when the woman catches a handyman attempting to break the lock she claims to have installed. 

In a bid to expose the situation, she threatens to share the video on social media, but the lack of concern from onlookers is disheartening. The woman filming the ‘kabza’ of a garage space to claims to have built, then tells the other woman trying to break in and fight with her that she will call the cops. As the altercation intensifies, one woman forcefully discards the lock while the other grabs her by the neck in an attempt to push her away. Towards the end, the woman slaps the hand of the woman recording the video and she drops her phone, abruptly ending the recording.

Since its upload, the video has amassed over 82K views, as many such incidents from Delhi and UP keep surfacing on social media these days. Many netizens have responded with laughing emojis and comments poking fun at the two women, a common reaction to such fights. "Aage ka bhi to dikhao," a user commented. "Up ka kuch nahi ho sakta," another user wrote. "Tu mari kese ree," a fourth quoted the woman in the video. 


Watch the viral video here:

Interestingly, this isn't the first viral video showing a heated argument between two women. Recently, another video emerged, capturing a confrontation between two women on the Delhi metro. The cause of the argument remains unknown, but the footage depicts the women initially standing apart before approaching each other, exchanging abusive language. One woman threatens the other by removing her shoe, while the other woman responds by brandishing a bottle as they draw closer.

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