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Stick wielding man scares away Lion in shocking video | WATCH

A viral video shared by an Instagram handle shows a man brandishing a stick when a lion seemingly attacks him in the wild. The clip has surprised many while others pointed out that he must be the lion's trainer.

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: May 07, 2022 21:41 IST

Man scares away lion by brandishing a stick

A video is going viral on social media in which a man is seen scaring away a huge lion with a stick. In such a situation, the instinct of a person would compel them to run away or surrender to fate but the man's confidence in dealing with the untamed is amazing, to say the least. 

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The video was shared on Instagram by a page called ‘animals_powers’, with the caption: "Lion scared by man." In the clip, an adult lion can be seen in the middle of a forest. Meanwhile, a man, looking rather angry, walks towards the lion while swinging a stick. The unusual video has racked up over 7 lakh views and left the internet divided.  While some users were simply stunned at the sight of a lion scared of a man, many others criticised the man for his antics. 

The lion is seen charging at the man but he confidently scares him away with his stick.

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People criticising the man wrote in the comments section, "Leave that lion alone. He doesn’t deserve to be beaten! What is his crime (sic)?" Another one wrote, "Change this to lion eats man." Some netizens pointed out that the man must be the lion's trainer. 

The Instagram handle animals_powers has many such lion videos that will leave you amazed. One of the viral videos shows a lion inspecting van on a safari and getting away when he gets a slice of meat from inside. 

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