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Sanjeev Kapoor is unhappy with Air India's in-flight meal. Here’s how airline responded

Air India responds to Sanjeev Kapoor's complaints about in-flight meal, assures continuous improvement and announces new catering partners for the flight sector in question.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: February 28, 2023 11:01 IST
Sanjeev Kapoor slams Air India's in-flight meal quality
Image Source : TWITTER/@SANJEEVKAPOOR Sanjeev Kapoor slams Air India's in-flight meal quality

Trending News: Air India continues to face challenges as celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor expressed his disappointment with the food served on a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai. Kapoor took to Twitter to share his grievances, including pictures of the unsatisfactory meal and criticized the airline.

"Wake Up @airindiain. Nagpur-Mumbai 0740 flight. Cold Chicken Tikka with watermelon, cucumber, tomato & sev. Sandwich with a minuscule filling of chopped cabbage with mayo. Sugar syrup Sponge painted with sweetened cream & yellow glaze," his tweet read. In a subsequent tweet, Kapoor questioned whether this was what Indians should eat for breakfast.

Take a look at Sanjeev Kapoor’s tweets here:

Air India responded a few hours later, thanking Kapoor for his feedback and assuring him that they are continuously improving their services. They also announced that starting the next day, the flight sector in question would be catered to by their partners Taj Sats and Ambassador, with hopes that customers would have a better food experience going forward.

Here’s how Air India responded to Sanjeev Kapoor’s tweet:

Sanjeev Kapoor appreciated Air India's response to his complaint about in-flight meals and hoped for a thorough audit of services to consistently provide a great experience for flyers. He also gave a thumbs up to the crew's service and on-time performance during his recent flight.

Kapoor's tweet generated a significant amount of attention, with Twitter users sharing their own negative experiences on Air India flights. One user recounted being denied food on a Mumbai to Calicut flight, while another described poor service and broken luggage during a trip from London.

Actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee commented on the post saying, "@airindiain what are you doing guys ? Not to forget you’re representing India. Enough damage happened lately. Wake up."

These incidents compound the issues Air India has faced in recent years, including financial losses and management struggles. While the airline was recently privatized, it still faces challenges in improving its services and reputation. Kapoor's tweet serves as a reminder of the importance of customer satisfaction and the potential impact of negative experiences on a company's reputation.

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