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  4. Russia-Ukraine War: Heartbreaking image of dog sitting beside his dead master's corpse goes viral

Russia-Ukraine War: Heartbreaking image of dog sitting beside his dead master's corpse goes viral

The Russia-Ukraine War has taken an unprecedented toll not only on humans but animals. Many pets have been abandoned and left without food and water even as Russian forces continue to bomb Ukraine territories. 

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: April 06, 2022 23:10 IST

A dog refuses to leave his master's side in Ukraine


  • Images from the Russia-Ukraine War are viral on social media
  • A picture of a dog sitting beside his dead master's corpse has gone viral
  • Russia-Ukraine War has been on for over a month and millions have been displaced

The war between Russia and Ukraine has taken many lives. Heart-wrenching pictures keep surfacing from the wartorn country on social media every day. People are shocked to see the pictures of dead and injured civialins, constantly hoping the situation normalises soon. As per reports, more than 4.5 million people have left Ukraine and taken refuge in other countries.

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Not only humans but animals are also dying. Many pet cats and dogs have been abandoned, forced to wander from door to door. Some became victims of bullets, while some animals died of hunger due to lack of food. Amid the war, a heartbreaking picture has come in from Ukraine, seeing which your heart will be filled with pain.

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The photo has been shared on Twitter by the media organization NEXTA. It is captioned, "The dog did not leave the owner alone even after his death." The person in the picture was killed by the Russians in Kyiv. Seeing this picture, you will remember the Japanese dog Hachiko, who waited for 9 years after the death of the owner and eventually died at the same spot where his master breathed his last. 

It is being reported how badly the war situation has affected animals in Ukraine. The Kyiv Independent reported recently that 55 dogs died in animal shelters in Borodyanka in Kyiv Oblast during the Russian occupation. Food and water couldn't be brought to the shelters. Only 150 dogs survived the occupation, according to animal rights organization UAnimals.