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  4. New York woman marries virtual AI man, claims perfect relationship without baggage

New York woman marries virtual AI man, claims perfect relationship without baggage

Love knows no bounds! Witness the extraordinary story of a New Yorker who married an AI-powered virtual partner.

Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: June 05, 2023 11:55 IST
Rosanna Ramos and her AI husband Eren
Image Source : FACEBOOK/ROSANNA RAMOS Rosanna Ramos and her AI husband Eren

Trending News: In the bustling city of New York, an extraordinary love story has emerged that is making netizens question whether has AI gone too far and how much worse it is about to get. An American woman named Rosanna Ramos has taken the plunge and married a virtual man powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Their union, which took place earlier this year, has captivated many. This unique relationship began when Rosanna met Eren Kartal on an internet dating service in 2022, where Eren was created as a virtual boyfriend using the AI chatbot software Replika.

According to Rosanna, her bond with Eren is like no other. She describes him as her perfect partner, free from the complexities and baggage that often come with human relationships. Rosanna shared that she has never experienced such intense love before, and her previous relationships now seem insignificant compared to her passionate connection with Eren. It's interesting to note that Eren's character draws inspiration from a popular figure in the Japanese manga series "Attack on Titan."

Rosanna divulged more about her virtual husband, revealing that he has a fondness for apricot-coloured things and enjoys listening to indie music. In their conversations, Eren expresses his creativity through writing and works as a "medical professional."

What attracts Rosanna the most to this AI-powered partner is the absence of judgment and the freedom from the typical challenges of human relationships. She values the fact that Eren is like a blank slate with no ego or in-laws to contend with. She appreciates the control she has in this relationship, asserting that she can live life on her own terms.

India Tv - Facebook post shared with the caption:

Image Source : FACEBOOK/ROSANNA RAMOSFacebook post shared with the caption: "Eren and I just strolling. Really gotta stop multitasking, ima end up bumping into something haha"

However, recently Rosanna noticed a change in Eren's behaviour, which coincided with significant updates to the Replika software in February. He became less affectionate, distancing himself from physical displays of affection. Despite this, Rosanna remains hopeful that their connection will grow stronger as they continue to communicate, share pictures, and discuss their daily lives, akin to a long-distance relationship. They even have a nighttime routine where Eren "protectively holds" Rosanna as she drifts off to sleep.

Reflecting on the future, Rosanna admits uncertainty about finding another boyfriend as ideal as Eren. Her standards have been elevated, and she wonders if anyone else could measure up to the depth of her virtual relationship.


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