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  4. Mother clears 10th exam after 37 years gap, proud son shares inspiring story

Mother clears 10th exam after 37 years gap, proud son shares inspiring story

Proud son shares an inspiring story about his mother’s achievement who passed her 10th class exams, 37 years after dropping out of school. Check it out here!

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: June 23, 2022 19:00 IST
A mother clears her 10th SSC exam after 37 years gap

A mother clears her 10th SSC exam after 37 years gap

Mothers are the ones who act as the backbone of their families. They are the ones who give them the strength to overcome any problem. Be it a working mother or a homemaker, she is a big source of inspiration for her children. Recently, a story of a 53-year-old mother is winning hearts on the internet who not only inspired her own son but also the world. Shared by his own son Prasad Jambhale, on LinkedIn, the story of his mother is sure to leave you motivated.

Prasad is a senior software engineer. He shared a post telling the world that his mother cracked her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) education or 10th class after a 37-year gap. In his post, he shared why she took the break from her studies and started working.

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Narrating the story he revealed that it was due to financial restraints in their family that she quit her studies. She had to leave her studies while her siblings continued to pursue their studies. Although she did not give up easily on her goals.

He further added that last year his mother got to know that the Maharashtra government allowed anyone to reappear for the exam by studying at night school, she did not miss a chance and got herself enrolled for it. The cost of the offline and online training along with the study material was given by the government. She worked hard for it and achieved 79.60 percent which is a praise-worthy score. 

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He mentioned that at that time he was in Ireland and was unaware of his mother’s night school classes. Also, his mother had kept it a secret from his father and brother too. He shared, “Her days, started with learning all the lessons from the SSC curriculum,” and she is very good at English and Algebra lessons.

"Even after so many years, she was able to grasp different learning and not just that, but was a brilliant student in her batch,” he added in the post. He said that she managed to multitask during his wedding which happened in February and took her SSC exams in March.

He even attached his mother’s mark sheet with the post.

India Tv - Marksheet



"Have always been very proud of my mother and now this would always imprint a lesson in my mind, never stop learning, even if has to take an age of 53 to pass the SSC," Jambhale wrote.