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Millions will mysteriously disappear in Aug 2022: 'Time Traveller' claims in bizarre future prediction

"Millions will mysteriously disappear in Aug 2022," a 'time traveller' has warned. In addition to this, the man talks about the rise of new creates. He also has proof to back his bizarre claims. 

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: May 11, 2022 14:22 IST
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"Millions will mysteriously disappear in Aug 2022," a self-proclaimed "time traveller" has prophecised. The apocalyptic warning was posted by a TikTok user Kawhi Leonard, who is also known as 'thehiddengod1'. He claims that he has some 'leaked' documents to prove his claims. In a video posted by him, he goes on to claim that the US will split wide open and millions of people will vanish. 

He not shared scary photos but has also announced a specific date. 'The Great Split', what he terms as 'America's biggest earthquake ever', will take place on July 14. This will be followed by the disappearance of over two million people on August 9. Things won't end there. The catastrophe will continue and on October 3, new creatures called stalkers will arise.

While TikTok is banned in India, netizens have been sharing the user's claims on other social media. They have detailed the dates as follows:

"WARNING: A leaked document from a time traveller has warned us to remember these dates for 2022.

"July 14th 2022 - 'The great split' America's biggest earthquake.

"August 9th 2022 - Over 2 million people around the world mysteriously disappear.

"October 3rd 2022 - Creatures known as stalkers will appear around the globe."

Reportedly, the bizarre prediction has sent the Internet into a tizzy. Soon after the video was shared online, TikTok users responded to it by chanting prayers for the safety of humanity. Besides, there were many who were unfazed by these predictions. They urged all not to pay attention to these 'false stories'.

This is not the first time that a 'time traveller' has predicted such a future. Earlier this year, an anonymous TikTok user had made similar claims. The user also specified himself as a 'time traveller'. He claimed that in March, a volcano would explode and on June 22, a plane would go missing for a month before returning. He also said that on August 2, human beings would communicate with an 'underground civilisation'. 

While scientists are still figuring out the concept of time travelling, such claims are hard to believe. 

Disclaimer - This article is based on general public information. India TV does not confirm its veracity.