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Men deliberately obstruct Delhi Metro doors, DMRC reacts to viral video

The DMRC has acknowledged the incident, emphasizing that it is a punishable offense.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: June 09, 2023 8:56 IST
Men deliberately obstruct Delhi Metro doors
Image Source : TWITTER Men deliberately obstruct Delhi Metro doors

Trending News: In recent weeks, there have been multiple incidents of inappropriate behaviour inside Delhi Metro trains, particularly involving people filming videos despite the ban imposed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). These actions not only aim to create viral content but also disrupt the peaceful atmosphere within the train coaches. Another incident of this nature has recently surfaced on social media, featuring a video of two men intentionally obstructing the closing doors of a Metro coach using their feet. 

The video, originally shared by a Twitter user named Aman, shows two men standing near the coach's gate. As the doors begin to close, they extend their feet, causing the doors to reopen. This act is repeated while other passengers inside the train are seen laughing. As seen in the video, it can be seen that it was recorded at Karol Bagh Station on Delhi Metro’s Blue Line.

The DMRC responded to the tweet, requesting further details such as the coach number. They explained that the coach number is usually displayed both inside and outside the train. Aman, however, clarified that he did not film the video himself but came across it on Instagram reels. Despite not knowing the coach number, he provided other relevant information and urged the DMRC to address the matter promptly. It should be noted that the video was originally uploaded on Instagram by a user named Ansh on March 29.

In a separate tweet, the DMRC reminded passengers that obstructing the doors of a Metro train is a punishable offense and encouraged people to report such behaviour by contacting the DMRC Helpline. Internet users expressed their disappointment and frustration towards the irresponsible actions of these passengers. Some emphasized the inconvenience caused to thousands of commuters, while others urged the DMRC and Delhi Police to take strict action against the individuals involved, as their faces were clearly visible in the video.

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