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  4. McDonald's customer in Ahmedabad finds dead lizard in drink, outlet sealed | WATCH

McDonald's customer in Ahmedabad finds dead lizard in drink, outlet sealed | WATCH

At a McDonald's outlet in Ahmedabad, a customer found a dead lizard floating in his soft drink order. As a result, the restaurant was shut down over health concerns.

Devasheesh Pandey Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: May 25, 2022 21:21 IST
Image Source : TWITTER

Dead lizard found floating in a soft drink order

Popular fast-food chain McDonald's had to shut down its operations in an Ahmedabad outlet when a person's order of a soft drink was found to have a lizard in it. The customer shared a video on Twitter in which one can see a floating dead lizard in his soft drink order. The order was placed in a Sola outlet of the city as per reports. 

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In the video, the customer is seated with his friends around him when he shows us the floating lizard in his drink. The customer claims in the video that his complaint was not heeded by the people serving at the outlet and instead they offered him a refund of Rs 300 on the contaminated drink. 

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As the viral video of the dead lizard floating in the drink came to light, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) took cognizance of the matter. AMC Food Safety Officer Devang Patel collected samples of the cold drink from the McDonald’s outlet and sent them for testing at the public health laboratory in Ahmedabad.

Following the complaint made by the customer Bhargav Joshi, the outlet was sealed by the AMC for “larger public health safety”. The AMC directed the outlet to not open its premises without seeking prior permission from the body. A picture of the sealed outlet was also shared by Joshi on Twitter. “Great work done by AMC,” he wrote.

Responding to the incident, McDonald’s said in a press statement that they are looking into the claims made by the customer. It added that the outlet was checked repeatedly but nothing wrong was found. The statement further read that McDonald’s was cooperating with the authorities “being a good corporate citizen”.

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