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MBA student gatecrashes wedding in Bhopal, gets caught; what happens next will shock you | Video

A MBA student gatecrashed a wedding in Bhopal and unfortunately, he got caught by the hosts. What follows next will make you reconsider your decision to crash a wedding.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Updated on: December 01, 2022 22:46 IST
MBA student gatecrashes wedding in Bhopal, gets caught
Image Source : YOUTUBE/ULTRABOLLYWOOD MBA student gatecrashes wedding in Bhopal, gets caught

People Gatecrashing weddings is nothing new under the sun, and many do it for fun or perhaps when they're in desperate need of food. As it was said by Aamir Khan in Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots when they saw a wedding function, "Khaana Khaane ke liye paise nahi lagte, uniform lagta hai (You don't need money to have food, you need a uniform)." It seems an MBA student took that advice seriously and gatecrashed a wedding in Bhopal. However, he was apprehended, and the situation deteriorated to the point where it was detrimental to him. The video is going viral on the Internet. 

The MBA student was from Jabalpur and he was studying in Bhopal. He barged into a wedding to feast on the meal being served. However, he was caught by the hosts and forced to wash the dishes. The viral video shows the man cleaning the dishes. In the background, a man is heard questioning him about why he came to the wedding, to which the student replied that he came for food. The man then asks him if anyone called him. He then tells him that this is his punishment for crashing a wedding and devouring food.

The video spread on social media like wildfire and has divided the internet. Netizens flocked to the comment section to react to it. One user wrote, "Nobody can predict who, when, or what circumstances or needs might arise. You only had to feed a hungry student. Guests are god." Another user wrote, "Indian tradition involves feeding people, hence it is wrong to degrade someone in this way. Children who reside outside in hostels long for this type of meal. He has not engaged in any serious crime, so why is he being degraded? They would have recovered money from him if there had been an objection." A third user commented, "How does that one plate matter so much?"

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Users strongly objected to the video, saying that forcing the student to clean dishes was highly degrading and that the incident should have been handled differently. The incident has certainly made everyone reconsider their decision to gatecrash a wedding.

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