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Man miraculously escapes death after almost colliding with a speeding truck | Viral Video

A viral video shows a man narrowly escaping death after almost colliding with a moving truck. Check out.

India TV Trending Desk Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 06, 2023 21:38 IST
Man survives dying after nearly colliding with truck
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Man survives dying after nearly colliding with truck

We hear about road accidents caused by reckless driving quite a lot. The number of such horrifying road accidents is rising daily. We've seen a number of videos in the past that show road accidents and the gruesome injuries that the victims sustain. Currently, a video of a nearly occurring collision between a speeding truck and a motorcycle is making the rounds on the internet. The video of the near-death incident has gone viral online.

In the footage, a man is seen riding a motorcycle and swiftly crossing a street. A massive truck emerged seemingly from nowhere, almost colliding with the rider. Fortunately, he managed to escape the incident unscathed, despite a very close call. 

The video was shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on Twitter. The caption read, "Keep such a speed, accident never happens, so that others are safe and you as safe as well." 

As soon as it surfaced on the internet, netizens rushed to the comment section, reacting to the nerve-wrecking footage. One user wrote, "Sir, the motorcyle person was at fault here. Everyone is in a hurry to go home but they must go carefully." Another user wrote, "The two wheeler is at fault. When you come in to the main carriage way, you stop look and proceed." A third user commented, "I firmly believe that legal age for driving must be 25 years. It must be allowed when people can understand value of family for themselves and society." 

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While some argued that it was the fault of the motorcycle driver, who was driving recklessly, others stated that new laws regarding the driving age should be imposed. The video received over 56k views on the microblogging website. 

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