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  4. Leopard dives into a pond to hunt a giant crocodile, netizens shocked | Watch video

Leopard dives into a pond to hunt a giant crocodile, netizens shocked | Watch video

A leopard attacks a crocodile in a pond while the crocodile fights for his life. The viral video shows the rare attack and netizens are shocked. Watch the rare video

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Updated on: August 17, 2022 16:15 IST
Leopard dives into a pond to hunt a giant crocodile
Image Source : TWITTER/THEFIGEN Leopard dives into a pond to hunt a giant crocodile

Leopards attacking significantly weaker animals is nothing new under the sun. However, a recent video of a leopard pursuing a massive crocodile is doing the rounds on the internet. The video has left internet users stunned by the big cat's strength.

The viral video showed an extraordinary sight of a leopard hunting down a crocodile by diving into a pond. The footage shows a leopard stalking its prey while hidden behind trees and bushes in the jungle. The leopard is clearly determined to make the crocodile its next prey, as the scene soon changes to the water where the crocodile is floating. The leopard assesses its target before leaping onto the water with precision and speed. The footage also reveals a potentially harmful altercation between the two animals in the water. However, it quickly becomes clear that the big cat was successful in capturing its prey. The leopard is seen grabbing the crocodile by the neck as it slowly comes from the waters. The crocodile appears to make futile attempts to escape the leopard's hold. Ultimately, the leopard successfully drags the croc onto the ground before vanishing into the woods.

The 42-second video got people talking online. The internet is already filled with videos of big cats attacking smaller animals, but this video was a rare sight and startled the viewers. The Twitterati descended on the comment section to express their shock at the attack. One user wrote, ‘Is not even his natural habitat, so powerful’. While another user wrote, ‘Omg never seen a croc hunted by like this’. Third user commented, ‘Pound for pound...the strongest of all big cats’. 


Netizens couldn't stop raving about the surprising hunt in the comments. The video has garnered over 2.6 million views and over 27 thousand likes.



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