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Leopard battles for life as man drags it from behind, netizens express outrage | watch video

A leopard fights for its life while a man pulls it from its tail. The viral video has left netizens questioning humanity. Angry Twitterati demands that the man should be punished.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Published on: August 18, 2022 20:19 IST
leopard fights for life viral video
Image Source : TWITTER/PARVEENKASWAN Leopard battles for life as man drags it from behind

Animal and human conflict is not a rare sight in a country like India, owing to insufficient provisions for a sustainable way of existence. A recent video of a man dragging a leopard by its tail has gone viral on the internet. The leopard is seen struggling for its life and the man's behavior has infuriated netizens.

Recently, an Indian Forest Service officer shared a video showing a leopard struggling to escape the hold of a man pulling it from behind. The officer shared the video on Twitter and captioned it ironically ‘Guess the animal’, while the text inserted in the video said ‘what type of humanity is this’. The video opens with a leopard trying to make futile attempts to free him from the human while the man manages to grab him from its tail with a strong hold. The Big Cat appears to be very frail in the video, and it is clear that his weakness served as leverage for the man to easily drag him. The footage also shows a crowd gathered to witness the horrific act, with a few of them using cameras to record it. While the leopard struggles, one of them can be seen smiling at the selfie camera. As the man continues to drag it from behind, the leopard shows no signs of retaliation. The officer mentioned that the video was from an unknown location and received via WhatsApp. 

Netizens reaction

The 20-second video enraged netizens, who flocked to the comment section to voice their outrage. One user wrote, "Please tell me that the poor soul is in good condition". While another user wrote ‘It's very sorry to see this kind of conduct by people .They must be punished as per the law’. The third user commented ‘Disgusting. How horrible this is! Each day the human race just goes down the drain’. 

The horrific incident captured on camera left netizens questioning humanity and stressing over the officer's caption, 'Identify the animal here!!'



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