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Indian Railway employee prints tickets faster than you can blink, video goes viral

A video of an elderly man printing tickets at a lightning-fast pace is going viral on social media and the internet is all praise for him and his skills. 

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 30, 2022 21:41 IST

Video of man printing ticket goes viral

Indian Railway employee is going viral on social media for putting his work skills on full display. Recently, an elderly man working for the public transport system was captured on camera as he printed tickets for the passengers at a lightning-fast pace. Many on social media were all praise for the man and how quick he was at his job. Netizens also compared his speed with the superhero Flash, who runs and works at a very fast pace. 

Railway employee impresses social media users

The elderly man is making people's lives easier by printing tickets at a really fast pace. His hands moved faster on the ticket generating machine than you can blink. Railway stations are one of the most crowded public places and the presence of this man is helping people commute faster. Many who are first-time travellers on the train route also took the advantage of this very experienced railway employee. 

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Video of man at platform goes viral 

The man working for Railways prints tickets in half the time or lesser than anyone else, even faster. The video was shared online with the caption, “Somewhere in Indian Railways, this is so fast, giving tickets to three passengers in 15 seconds." Take a look. 

Looking at the video one can get the jitters looking at the fast pace at which this man is working and it is nothing short of incredible. The clip has attracted many comments and has been liked by more than 33,000 people on Twitter so far. 

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Netizens praise desi 'Flash'

Netizens were amazed to see the speed with which the employee was distributing tickets to the passengers. He saved the precious time of many who sought his help. “Superb accuracy he has achieved over the time. Time saved (sic),” said one Twitter user commenting on the video. Another one said, "Look at the speed in which the system and the  HMI works! Railway has come a long way. Of course man is fast for his age (sic)."

Check out more reactions below. 




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