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Gulab jamun meets curd in new viral food experiment, netizens are divided. Watch

The Internet continues to amaze us with its endless creativity when it comes to experimenting with food. Whether you're open to trying unconventional combinations or prefer sticking to traditional flavors, viral food experiments like this one always stir up diverse opinions and ignite discussions am

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: May 30, 2023 16:21 IST
Gulab jamun meets curd
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Gulab jamun meets curd

Trending News: When we think we've seen it all in the world of food fusion, the Internet surprises us with a new creation. This time, it's the combination of gulab jamun and curd. Yes, you heard that correctly! As strange as it may sound, the shopkeeper claims it's their second most popular dish. While some people consider it the "worst combination ever made," others believe it actually tastes delicious.

Food vlogger Gaurav Wasan shared a video on Instagram, asking viewers if they would ever try this unusual combination. The video features someone preparing a plate of this fusion dish, serving curd alongside a gulab jamun. Wasan reveals in the video that the dish is priced at Rs 50 per plate. Since its upload on May 13, the video has gained over 918k views and received 27k likes, sparking a flurry of responses from netizens. 

Some individuals strongly express their disapproval, calling it the worst combination ever. Others refuse to even consider trying it and suggest using the dislike button. On the other hand, an Instagram user imagines it tasting like jalebi and dahi, while another joins in to say that it actually tastes really good. "Gulab jamun bhi maggi ka bana do bus yahi kasar baki rah gyi h," a user commented. "Isse Achaa main jeher wali kheer khana pasand karunga," another user expressed, while a third wrote, "This is the absolutely wrong combination. Probiotic k sath fried and sweet too. Absolutely wrong."

Watch the viral video here:

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