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Florida woman gets arrested after calling 911 more than 12,000 times. The reason will SHOCK you!

Florida woman called 911 more than 12,000 times this year alone and was eventually charged with three misdemeanours for misusing the emergency number. Why she did it? Find out here.

India TV Trending Desk Written By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: August 19, 2022 22:15 IST
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Florida woman who is 51-year-old was recently charged with serious accusations and eventually arrested after she made more than 12,000 calls to the emergency number 911. What made her do that? Was she in trouble? Then why was she arrested? There are several questions that much be running in your mind so before you come to conclusions, let us inform you that Carla Jefferson, of Pinellas County, allegedly called 911 to to harass and demean officers. Yes, you read it right. 

She allegedly calls to "harass, to cuss and just degrade" the emergency call-takers, St. Petersburg police spokesperson, Yolanda Fernandez, said in a statement.

According to Times Now report, police in his report estimated that over the last eight months, Jefferson dialled 911 at least 12,512 times. Her repeated and incessant calls accounted for 10% of all the incoming calls to St. Petersburg PD.

"This is not just somebody who's called police a few times or, you know, abusing the system a little bit. This is someone who is..this is just way beyond, we have not had anyone who crossed the line like this," Fernandez told Fox 13. In a shocking state of affairs, she once called in 512 times in a 24-hour span only to deliver “vulgar, threatening or obscene” messages, according to the precinct.


Netizens reactions 

Social media users were bewildered after learning about this piece of news. Some of them found it funny, others absolutely uncalled for. "She looks so pleased with herself too lmao," wrote a user.

This is not the first time, Jefferson was arrested earlier in June for the same offence and is currently out on bond. Earlier she was sent a notice of warning to not continue with the calls as it will result in prosecution. However, after she received the affidavit, she called the precinct and reportedly insisted the police arrest her because she "loves playing this game."

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