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Elon Musk's lookalike found in Pakistan, netizens suspect viral image is AI-generated

The apparent discovery of the Pakistani man adds to the growing list of individuals who bear a striking resemblance to Elon Musk.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: March 27, 2023 13:15 IST
Elon Musk's Pakistani lookalike
Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA Elon Musk's Pakistani lookalike

Trending News: A man who bears a striking resemblance to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been discovered in Pakistan, shocking fans of the billionaire entrepreneur. While it is widely known that everyone has seven doppelgangers or identical faces in the world, this discovery has nonetheless caused a sensation on social media platforms. The photograph of the man in a brown kurta salwar with a coat over it went viral after it first appeared on Reddit, and some netizens suspect it may be a deep fake created through artificial intelligence.

Take a look at the viral picture of Elon Musk’s Pakistani lookalike here:

India Tv - Elon Musk's Pakistani lookalike

Image Source : REDDITElon Musk's Pakistani lookalike

While it is unclear whether the Pakistani man is a genuine doppelganger of Elon Musk or whether the photograph has been generated through AI, the discovery has sparked a great deal of interest on social media platforms. Many fans have expressed their surprise at the similarity between the two men, while others have expressed scepticism. 

"Thanks to AI I no longer believe anything I see on the internet," a Reddit user commented. "Somehow he looks like mix of Elon Musk and Imran Khan (former Pakistani PM). Imran Musk lol," another user joked. "Elon Mosque," a third added. "If He and Alec Baldwin had a baby, yes thats him," a fourth user wrote.

This is not the first time that an individual resembling Elon Musk has been found. A Chinese man who looked like Musk was discovered in a viral video a while ago, in which he introduced himself as Elon Musk while standing beside a car. This video also generated a great deal of buzz on the internet, with many users expressing their amusement at the uncanny resemblance. 

Elon Musk himself has reacted to videos and photos of the Chinese lookalike, jokingly suggesting that he may be part Chinese.


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