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‘Clash of Titans’: Elephant and rhino face off in thrilling fight. Watch how it ends

The viral video depicting the clash between an elephant and a rhino has captivated netizens.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: June 09, 2023 11:56 IST
Elephant vs rhino
Image Source : TWITTER Elephant vs rhino

Trending News: The internet is filled with intriguing animal videos that showcase a wide range of behaviors. Among these captivating clips, those that depict animal battles tend to capture the attention of viewers. Recently, a viral video has been making rounds, showcasing an intense clash between an elephant and a rhinoceros.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda aptly titled the video as the “Clash of the Titans” when he shared it on Twitter. The footage captures a powerful encounter between an elephant and a rhino. The scene unfolds with both magnificent creatures locking eyes, as if preparing for an imminent confrontation. Suddenly, the rhino initiates a charge towards the elephant, displaying its boldness. However, the charging attempt comes to an abrupt halt. In a surprising turn of events, the elephant retaliates with its own forceful attack. The video concludes with the rhino hastily retreating from the scene.

Since being shared on Twitter on June 8, the video has garnered over 111k views and more than 1900 likes. Numerous users have engaged with the post, offering their reactions and thoughts. Some netizens expressed fascination with the clip, appreciating its captivating nature. Others pondered the rhino's actions, questioning its confidence in challenging the elephant.

Watch the viral video here:

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