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  4. Cancer patient undergoing treatment lands job from hospital bed, netizens call him 'warrior'

Cancer patient undergoing treatment lands job from hospital bed, netizens call him 'warrior'

IT professional Arsh Prasad has been searching for jobs from a hospital bed as he undergoes chemotherapy for his cancer treatment. He shared his plight in a LinkedIn post.

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: April 26, 2022 19:52 IST
Arsh Nandan
Image Source : LINKEDIN POST

Arsh Nandan posted on LinkedIn about his plight while searching for job online


  • IT professional Arsh Nandan posted about his job search in a LinkedIn post
  • Arsh shared that as soon as people learned about his cancer diagnosis their behaviour changed
  • An IT firm offered Arsh a job when he is medically fine and ready to work

IT professional Arsh Nandan Prasad has been successful in getting a job recently. However, what has been the most amazing aspect of this hiring is that Prasad is a cancer patient and has been undergoing chemotherapy for treatment. He landed the job offer while he has been in hospital receiving treatment.  

The young job aspirant took to LinkedIn to talk about his successful job search. Prasad posted an image of himself sitting in a hospital bed. He is dressed in a medical gown and busy working on his laptop. The IT professional, who has lost hair as a consequence of chemotherapy sessions, went on to describe how he was not getting selected by companies while he was going through one of the most difficult times in his life.

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Prasad further emphasised that he is not looking for sympathy and he wants to prove his worth. “When you give your best in the interviews but are not selected for the mere fact that you are going through a rough patch in life certainly shows how generous these companies are... As the recruiters come to know that I'm fighting Cancer, I see the change in their expressions. I don't need your sympathy!! I'm here to prove myself…Just a recent pic of me giving an interview during my Chemotherapy sessions,” read Prasad’s post on LinkedIn. 

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In a matter of a few days, Prasad's social media post went viral. Prasad's job search even got the attention of Nilesh Satpute, the CEO of a Maharashtra-based tech company Applied Cloud Computing. Satpute asked prasad to stop searching for jobs and continue with his treatment. he also offered him a job at his company whenever he is fit to join. 

Satpute commented on prasad's Linkedin post, "Hi Arsh! You are a warrior. Please stop attending interviews during your treatment. I checked your credentials they are very strong. You can join us whenever you want. There will be no interview (sic)."

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