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  4. Bull causes chaos by climbing onto police outpost's roof in UP's Rae Bareli | WATCH

Bull causes chaos by climbing onto police outpost's roof in UP's Rae Bareli | WATCH

A bull's unexpected rooftop escapade at a police outpost in Rae Bareli, UP, led to widespread attention on social media after videos and photos surfaced, capturing the bizarre incident and subsequent commotion.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Updated on: July 11, 2024 14:09 IST
Bull police outpost
Image Source : X Bull causes chaos climbing police outpost roof in Rae Bareli

In Uttar Pradesh, a bull created a commotion by climbing onto the roof of a police outpost in Rae Bareli, where it stayed for several hours. Shortly after, videos and photos of the bizarre incident began circulating on social media.

While the picture depicts the bull standing on the roof, a video of the incident shows the bull resting on top of the police outpost in Suchi, which is under the jurisdiction of Salon Police Station in Rae Bareli.

Watch the viral video:

A recent report from revealed that the police were unaware of the bull being on the roof. When residents noticed the animal, they congregated at the police station to witness it. It was at this point that the police were informed about the situation and took immediate action.

In an effort to rescue the bull, police officers approached with batons in hand. As the officers drew near, the bull panicked and leapt from the outpost's roof, landing on the tin shed of Gram Pradhan Jamurwa Buzurg's house, which is next to the outpost. The animal sustained severe injuries from the fall. The way the bull managed to reach the roof of the police station remains unclear.

In January this year, a bull wandered into the State Bank of India (SBI) in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, and calmly waited in a corner as if for its turn. However, the presence of the bull inside the bank caused a commotion. A security guard eventually managed to shoo it away. The video quickly went viral online, sparking numerous reactions. One person commented, "Even they can't handle a bull during lunch break. They are dedicated to their policy." In response, an X user replied, "No special treatment for anyone." Others reacted with laughing emojis.

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