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  4. Breathtaking bird's-eye view captures tsunami over Austrian lake in viral video | WATCH

Breathtaking bird's-eye view captures tsunami over Austrian lake in viral video | WATCH

Experience nature's power in a viral video capturing a tsunami-like event over Lake Millstatt, Austria. Dark clouds unleash a torrential downpour resembling a wall of water, mesmerising viewers worldwide.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Updated on: July 11, 2024 14:45 IST
Image Source : X Bird's-eye view captures tsunami over Austrian Lake

Thanks to the internet, we often have the chance to witness awe-inspiring natural phenomena that we might never see in person. A viral video is currently captivating viewers with its portrayal of a spectacular event resembling a tsunami, where water appears to cascade from the sky.

Nature's unpredictability is on full display in this viral video, which was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by the user @CosmicGaiaX. The 12-second timelapse clip captures a mountainous area with a lake nestled at its base. As dark clouds fill the sky, a torrential downpour begins, resembling a wall of water cascading from the sky and crashing into the lake. While the scene is visually stunning, it serves as a sobering reminder of the power of nature. The tweet accompanying the video aptly describes it as a "Tsunami from Heaven."

Watch the video:

The comment section below is filled with reactions from netizens. One user wrote, “In Venezuela, it rains like this for 10 or 15 minutes and then as nothing has happened.” Another user acknowledges the awe-inspiring force of nature and writes, “Nature is such an awesome force to behold. Great post.” A third netizen expresses a reluctance to be caught in such a downpour, while a fourth user simply appreciates the beauty of the scene. The original tweet featuring the video, attributed to Peter Maier and recorded at Lake Millstatt in Austria, has amassed over 153,000 views and received thousands of likes.

In 2022, a similar video gained popularity on the internet. It featured a cloud burst, similar to the one in a mountainous area, but this time it occurred over a busy city. The video, which was posted on Reddit, portrayed ominous, dark clouds unleashing a frightening downpour over the urban landscape.

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