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  4. Bengaluru woman discovers live cobra in Amazon package, company responds | VIDEO

Bengaluru woman discovers live cobra in Amazon package, company responds | VIDEO

A woman in Bengaluru discovered a live cobra in her Amazon package, which was supposed to contain an Xbox controller. The venomous snake, stuck to the packaging tape, couldn't harm her. She captured the incident on video and shared it on social media, showing the cobra struggling to escape.

Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Bengaluru Updated on: June 19, 2024 13:22 IST
Image Source : X/@TANVXO A Bengaluru woman discovers a live cobra in an Amazon package; the company responds.

A couple in Bengaluru received a terrifying surprise when their Amazon delivery turned out to be a live cobra instead of the Xbox controller they had ordered. The incident, captured on video, showed the venomous snake entangled in packaging tape, unable to escape. The footage went viral on social media, depicting the snake struggling inside the Amazon-branded packaging. According to reports, the snake, identified as a Spectacled Cobra, was safely removed and released. Amazon responded, expressing regret over the incident and promising to investigate further.


Online mishap turns dangerous

In an unusual turn of events, a Bengaluru couple's online order from Amazon went awry when they received a live cobra instead of an Xbox controller. The shocking incident, documented in a viral video, revealed the snake trapped in packaging tape inside an Amazon-branded box. The couple, both software professionals, recounted the bizarre experience, stating that the delivery was made directly to their home. Fortunately, no one was harmed, and the snake was safely captured and released. Amazon has apologized and pledged to look into the matter.

The footage shows the half-opened Amazon package inside a bucket, with the cobra struggling to escape from the packaging tape. The snake was later safely captured and released.

Amazon responded to the viral video with a tweet: "We're sorry to know about the inconvenience you've had with the Amazon order. We'd like to have this checked. Please share the required details here, and our team will get back to you soon with an update."

Social media reaction

Social media reactions ranged from humour to concern. One user joked about Amazon's comprehensive delivery service, while others expressed fears and frustrations about online deliveries. The video sparked a flurry of reactions on social media platforms. Users expressed disbelief and humor over the unusual delivery mishap. One user humorously remarked, "Buy 1 get 1 free," while another quipped, "Guess you got from amazon... not Amazon." The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of online shopping and the need for stringent quality checks in deliveries.

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