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Baba Vanga’s 2023 prediction comes true! Solar storm to hit Earth soon

One of Baba Vanga's big predictions for 2023 about a potential solar storm is already coming true.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: March 10, 2023 17:59 IST
Baba Vanga’s 2023 prediction about solar storm
Image Source : WIKIPEDIA/NASA Baba Vanga’s 2023 prediction about solar storm

Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian psychic who lived between 1911 and 1996. Despite being blind from a young age, she developed extraordinary psychic abilities that gained her a worldwide reputation. Baba Vanga is said to have accurately predicted many events, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the rise of ISIS. Her followers believe that she foresaw the end of the world in the year 5079.

Now, one of Baba Vanga's big predictions for 2023 about a potential solar storm is already coming true. Scientists suggest that the sun could be emerging from a period of relative tranquillity lasting nearly a decade, and this could lead to issues on Earth. The solar flares that erupt during the sun's active phase release surges of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt various systems, including the power grid and GPS signals. These episodes, known as solar maximums, happen approximately every 11 years and have not been a significant concern in the past.

The 1859 Carrington Event showed that a solar storm could have disastrous consequences on Earth's technological infrastructure. Since then, our reliance on technology has only increased, leaving us vulnerable to such events.

If a solar storm were to hit Earth in 2023, it could cause massive power outages, crippling our communication and transportation systems. In turn, this could lead to societal chaos and financial crises. The effects of such a storm could be felt for years, causing widespread disruption to our daily lives.

Solar storm to hit Earth soon?

Based on the observations made by Dr. Erika Palmerio, there is a magnetic filament near the equator of the Sun that is bustling with a huge amount of magnetic field lines. This means that it can soon erupt and send another wave of solar storm towards our planet. The presence of such powerful streamers is an indication of the increased solar activity, which was not predicted by many forecasters for Solar Cycle 25. If this streamer goes out, it will release a huge amount of radiation and magnetic energy that can disrupt shortwave radio communication on Earth and cause a dangerous solar storm. However, it is uncertain whether it will explode while in the view of Earth or not.

Baba Vanga’s other predictions for the year 2023:

1. Shift in Earth’s orbit: Earth's orbit may change in 2023, causing severe environmental consequences due to shifting gravitational forces. An asteroid impact could worsen the effects of a radical shift, leading to apocalyptic consequences.

2. A bioweapon atrocity: The blind psychic predicted a big country would conduct bioweapons tests in 2023, risking a potential lab leak and violating the Biological Weapons Convention. The prophecy seems relevant to the current geopolitical context.

3. Explosion in nuclear plant: She foresaw an explosion at a nuclear power plant causing toxic clouds to cover Asia and spread to other countries, leading to severe illnesses.

4. Human birth in laboratories: The mystic lady also predicted that from 2023, human babies would be born in labs where their physical appearance and character can be controlled, completely altering the process of birth.

5. Alien attack: Baba Vanga predicted an alien invasion in 2023, with extraterrestrials being hostile and leading to the death of millions.

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