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An ice candy party in the wild: How bears are beating the heat in Nagpur

The heat in Nagpur has reached 43 degree Celsius which doesn't just affect the humans but also the wild animals. A solution for these poor creatures was thought and implemented wherein, they were given ice candy to make them feel cooler.

Yogendra Tiwari Reported By: Yogendra Tiwari New Delhi Updated on: June 09, 2023 20:52 IST
Ice candy for bears
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Bears are being given freshly prepared ice candy to beat the extreme heat waves going around in the region.

An ice candy party for bears is going on at Gorewada Zoological Museum, Nagpur. It is part of the arrangements being made to get rid of the heat. The mercury from Nagpur to Vidarbha has crossed 43 degrees Celsius which is why the Balasaheb Thackeray International Zoological Museum of Nagpur is giving special food to the wild animals. Ice candy is being given to the bears to beat the heat. It is prepared by keeping all the fruits in the candy and keeping it in the fridge, it then gets ready by being placed in the deep freezer where all the fruits get stuck to it and it is then hung on a tree.

The bears get affected by the smell of the ice candy and get drawn to it. There is even honey poured over it which makes the bears rush in search of it. The people at the International Zoological Museum also seem to notice that by hanging the candy the bear tries hard to get it which also provides him with much-needed exercise.

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