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Air India Pee-Gate: Shankar Mishra's lawyer claims the woman urinated on herself; netizens mock accused

The infamous "pee-gate" case involving Air India has taken an interesting turn. Accused Shankar Mishra's lawyer claims the complainant peed on herself.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Updated on: June 20, 2023 5:44 IST
Air India Pee-Gate row
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Air India Pee-Gate row

Air India Pee-Gate: The tata-owned airline has been making headlines ever since the pee-gate incident happened. Now, an intriguing development has occurred in the infamous case that occurred on November 26. For the unversed, the accused Shankar Mishra entered the business class cabin of an Air India flight from New York to New Delhi, approached the female passenger, unzipped himself and urinated on her. However, now Shankar Mishra's lawyer has refuted the allegations and claimed that the complainant herself peed on her own seat.

Mishra's lawyer, Ramesh Gupta, said, "The complainant woman's seat was blocked. It wasn't possible for him (Mishra) to go there. The woman has a problem of incontinence. She urinated on herself. She is a Kathak dancer, 80 per cent of kathak dancers have this issue."

He further stated, "She herself urinated. The seating system was such that no one could go to her seat. The passenger sitting behind the complainant did not make any such complaint," he added.

To this, the Additional Sessions Judge said, "It is not impossible to go from one side of the flight to the other. Sorry, but I have travelled as well. Anybody from any row can come around and go to any seat."

The new twist in the pee-gate case elicited a variety of reactions from netizens. One user wrote, "The lawyer has watched both versions of #Drishyam multiple times." Another user commented, "What the actual hell is this? 80% of kathak dancers pee on themselves?? Who is this idiot counsel? Being a kathak dancer, I would like to file a case on him." 

A third user wrote, "first time i’m seeing an entire dance form being gaslit." A user also wrote, "Why was Shankar Mishra running away from the police then if he didn't do it?"

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Internet users harshly criticised Shankar Mishra's latest claims in the Pee-Gate case. They voiced their anger at his disparaging remark about Kathak dancers.

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