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25 Years of Harry Potter: Nostalgia hits internet on silver jubilee of JK Rowling's Philosopher’s Stone

25 Years of Harry Potter: On June 26, 1997 "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone" was first published by JK Rowling. On the book's silver jubilee fans share nostalgic memories.

India TV Trending Desk Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: June 26, 2022 21:01 IST
Harry Potter books
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Harry Potter books

25 Years of Harry Potter: Who would have thought that a story of a young boy in an imaginary world would resonate so much with the readers. Harry James Potter, was first introduced to the world as the boy who lived by JK Rowling in Philosopher's Stone on June 26 1997. It was the first time when a Harry Potter book had hit the bookshelves. As the author shared a post on the occasion, nostalgia hit the Internet hard and Potterheads came running to share their memories.

"25 years ago today, I saw Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in a bookstore (Waterstones, Prince's Street, Edinburgh) for the very first time. It was one of the best moments of my life. Thank you, @BloomsburyBooks, for taking a chance on a total unknown," tweeted Rowling adding, "I had absolutely no idea what was coming as I stood dumbstruck in that book shop, staring at my name on the spine of a published novel. Thank you to every single reader who boarded the Hogwarts Express in 1997 and stuck with Harry until the very end. What a journey it was."

Reacting to the post numerous fans of the books and film series shared how special Harry Potter is for them "My mom bought me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a Christmas present.  I was 10 at that time.  It was the thickest book that I had ever had, but I started to read in the morning and finished it in the evening, skipping breakfast and lunch.  Thank you, @jk_rowling," a user wrote. While another one said, "The book that change our lives. Thank you so much."

"Still remember the first time I finished this book! I held it tight and put it under my pillow at night hoping I'd dream of it lol," shared another one. One of them added, "Happy 25th Anniversary!! Harry Potter has been life changing for so many people, including me. My intro to the Potterverse came oddly. I rescued a Neo Mastiff in 2002 - as the films were gaining traction, so did the desire for Hagrid's dog which I didn't realise."

Harry Potter is one of the most loved fictional characters. The franchise has 7 books and 8 films based on it. There have spin off films and plays on it too.


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