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Gol gappe vs pani puri: Divided by name, united by craving, Desi Twitterati fight over street snack

Recently, desi Twitterati were at war and the micro-blogging site saw two rising teams -- Team Gol Gappe and Team Pani Puri.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 01, 2021 18:56 IST
Representative image

Representative image 

It's Gol Gappe. No, it's pani puri. There's absolutely no turning back from this debate. While Indians unanimously love this mouth watering street snack, they can't agree upon its name. The crispy fried balls filled with tangy chutneys and a savoury pani is found almost all across the country but with different names. While some love to call it 'Gol Gappe', many name it 'pani puri'. Others also call it 'puchka, and 'pani ke batashe'. 

Recently, desi Twitterati were at war and the micro-blogging site saw two rising teams -- Team Gol Gappe and Team Pani Puri. With thousands of tweets, each team made sure to prove why their name is the correct one for the street snack. 

To declare 'gol gappe' as the ultimate champion, a user posted a picture of the street snack alongside a glass of water and Indian bread puri. While another wrote, "Good morning to everyone except the people who say Pani Puri instead of Gol Gappe." 

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Backing team pain puri, a user tweeted, "Gol Gappe literally sounds like an insult lol at least “Pani Puri” describes the dish." "Its literally pani in Puri. How do people have the audacity to call it gol gappe," another pointed out.

While many were fighting over names, the savoury pictures of the Indian snack gave others some serious craving. "I shouldn't be the only one with cravings. You should also crave gol gappe, pani puri and whatever else you call it," a user wrote.

Well, gol gappe or pain puri, whatever you may call them, there's no debate about the fact that it is a loved snack. As coronavirus cases are on the rise, and staying home is advisable, here's a quick recipe to make the street snack at your home.


A cup of sooji

A cup of maida
a little salt
A spoonful of oil
A pinch of soda
A cup of lukewarm water


  • Put semolina, maida, salt, soda and oil in a bowl, add a little lukewarm water to it and knead the dough. The dough is not too hard to knead, nor too soft. After kneading the dough, keep it covered for half an hour. After this, again by applying lukewarm water in hands, mash the dough and make it soft.
  • Now make four to five dough balls. And now roll it. Keep in mind that you have to roll a little thinner than the roti. Also, keep in mind that it should not be too thick or too thin. Now cut with a round lid like this.
  • Place these golgappas in a plate and cover them with a cloth. After cutting Golgappa from all the doughs, heat the oil, while filtering, the Golgappas which are cut earlier will be sieved first. After the oil is hot, slow it down completely, do not make the oil too fast or medium or else Golgappas will not become crispy and can also be burnt.
  • Now put golgappa in the oil. Put each golgappa in oil and inflate it by pressing it with a finger. Flip over after flowering. After it becomes dark brown, take out the Golgappas, the Golgappas that have been put earlier will be removed first.
  • Golgappas are ready, now leave them open for 2-3 hours so that they become tough. If some golgappas have not flowered, then you can use them like a papdi.

Ingredients for water:

Black khattai

Water Cumin Powder
White salt
Black Salt
Cumin Roasted
Coriander leaves
Peppermint leaf
Green chilly


  • First of all, soak the khattai for about 3 hours to make Golgappa water. After 3 hours, put the bud of the bud which you have soaked in water and put it in the cooker along with the water. Turn off the gas after 3-4 whistles and after the whistle is removed, take out the bud of the bud in the pot. Let it cool for a while.
  • On the other hand take a bowl of coriander leaves and mint leaves. Now add two green chillies to it. Now put these three things in a jar of mixi, add some water and grind it. Take out this paste in a big pot in which you have to make golgappa water. Now put some water in the bud which you had kept to cool down and squeeze it by hand and take out the pulp in a vessel. Now put this pulp in the same pot that was made of coriander leaves and mint. Now add some water.
  • After this, add one teaspoon of roasted cumin, two teaspoon chaat masala, two teaspoons water cumin powder and lemon juice. After this, add white salt and black salt as per taste. Mix this mixture. After tasting it, see what you feel is lacking, and whatever things seem to be less, put what you have put in it. When you feel everything is perfect, then add 5-6 drops of grains in it. Golgappa water like your market is now ready.

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