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  • consumin Butter has no link to heart diseases

    Little to no association between butter and heart disease, says new research

    India | June 30, 2016 15:24 IST

    Massachusetts: Butter has little or no link to heart disease and may actually protect people from diabetes, according to anew research. Researchers said butter shouldn’t be “demonised” and they even suggest it was actually healthier than the white

  • stem cells implant may help reverse diabetes

    Stem cells implant may help reverse diabetes

    Lifestyle | March 20, 2015 13:22 IST

    Toronto: Sweets anyone? Even diabetics may hope to gobble up one or two without feeling guilty as researchers have found that Type 2 diabetes can be better treated with a combination of stem cells implants

  • high energy breakfast good for diabetics

    High-energy breakfast good for diabetics

    Lifestyle | March 18, 2015 12:14 IST

    London: A high-energy breakfast and modest dinner can control dangerous blood sugar spikes all day, says a study. More than 382 million people in the world suffer from diabetes, predominantly type-2 diabetes.For these people, blood

  • genes behind type 1 diabetes located

    Genes behind Type 1 diabetes located

    World | March 10, 2015 12:59 IST

    New York: Researchers have located and narrowed down the number of genes that increase the risk of Type 1 diabetes, a study claims.The findings can help other researchers to better predict who might develop Type

  • sunderban mangrove has components to cure type 2 diabetes

    'Sunderban mangrove has components to cure Type 2 diabetes'

    Lifestyle | February 01, 2015 11:30 IST

    Kolkata: Sundari trees, the most extensively found mangrove species in the Sunderbans, have some components which can bring down the level of Type 2 diabetes, according to a study.Conducted over a period of five years,

  • learn the art of giving gifts

    Learn the art of giving gifts

    Lifestyle | December 13, 2014 9:49 IST

    Washington: Giving the right gift is an art which involves a little bit of science as well, says a new research.Recipients prefer less personalised cards which allow more versatile usage, a University of Cincinnati study

  • what kind of chamcha are you this video will help you

    What kind of 'Chamcha' are you? This video will help you identify yourself even better!

    Who cares | December 17, 2014 12:13 IST

    Have you ever come across words 'chamcha', 'foot-licking moth', Buttering guy, Boss's pet? Did you ever get the buzz of these linked to your name by your colleagues?In case you just missed out on it,

  • winter trend alert add over the knee boots to your look

    Winter trend alert: Add over-the-knee boots to your look

    Lifestyle | November 09, 2014 10:54 IST

    London: Ankle boots have most certainly stuck around this season once again, but the over-the-knee ones are also making waves in the fashion world.It's been a while since one has seen these boots as a

  • meet paul smith the typewriter artist whose paintings will

    Meet 'Paul Smith: The typewriter artist', whose paintings will leave you spell-bound

    World | October 28, 2014 11:04 IST

    While writing this article there's only one thing going around in my mind which is, why am I writing this piece on a stranger, who might never be able to read this?But still it won't

  • 5 strange addictions that will blow your mind

    5 strange addictions that will blow your mind

    Lifestyle | October 01, 2014 23:02 IST

    As Tom Cruise quoted, "We live in a cynical world, cynical world!" (Courtesy: Jerry Maguire). And this world is where people are struck by numerous undiagnosed ‘addictions'.Unknowingly to them these weird addictions either pleases or

  • intex launches touch and type smartphone for rs 4 990

    Intex launches touch and type smartphone for Rs 4,990

    April 26, 2014 16:50 IST

    New Delhi: Homegrown handset maker Intex Technologies today launched its new touch and type smartphone -- Aqua QWERTY -- for Rs 4,990.The handset combines a touch-sensitive screen and a user-friendly typing QWERT interface, aimed at

  • junk food makes people lazy see pics

    Junk food makes people lazy (see pics)

    Lifestyle | April 16, 2014 13:07 IST

    Los Angeles: A new research reveals that junk food, which lacks nutrition, can actually make one lazy.According to the study, the energy-draining effects of junk food can persist even when someone is switched to a

  • meet the man from hyderabad who types with his nose

    Meet the man from Hyderabad who types with his nose

    India | March 08, 2014 6:34 IST

    New Delhi:  A 23 year old man Mohammed Khurshid Hussain from  Hyderabad has set up the Guinness World Record for typing a 103-word sentence in the shortest time, with his nose.Hussain is the youngest Muslim

  • eat right to prevent allergies

    Eat right to prevent allergies

    Lifestyle | January 08, 2014 10:06 IST

    New Delhi: Allergies - respiratory like asthma and bronchitis, and skin related problems such as eczema and rash - generally worsen during winter. An expert suggests ways to improve immunity by eating vitamin rich food.“Allergy

  • ten types of friends that most women have view pics

    Ten types of friends that most women have (view pics)

    Lifestyle | November 05, 2013 7:16 IST

    London: Be it a patch-up, breakup, shopping, or a festival, a woman always has a long list of friends who are suitable for that particular occasion.A recent study by reveals that there are 10

  • proper sleep lowers risk of diabetes in men

    Proper sleep lowers risk of diabetes in men

    Lifestyle | July 04, 2013 7:59 IST

    Los Angeles: Scientists have found that adequate sleep can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in men, says a US study.The findings of the research, carried out by Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute

  • don t want to get typecast as half foreign half indian

    Don't want to get typecast as half foreign, half Indian: Kristina

    Bollywood | May 24, 2013 21:19 IST

    Mumbai, May 24: Australian model-actress Kristina Akheeva, to be seen as a British girl in the forthcoming comedy "Yamla Pagla Deewana 2" (YPD2), hopes she is not trapped in the image of a "foreign girl"."I

  • screen yourself from the sun but beware of sunscreen myths

    Screen yourself from the sun, but beware of sunscreen myths

    Lifestyle | May 07, 2013 7:23 IST

    New Delhi: Doctors have time and again harped on the importance of using a sunscreen to protect one's skin. For many, however, choosing the right sunscreen is a tough choice, what with scores of products

  • can t restrict myself to one type of films nagarjuna

    Can't restrict myself to one type of films: Nagarjuna (Interview)

    Bollywood | May 02, 2013 18:11 IST

    Chennai, May 2: Telugu actor Akkineni Nagarjuna feels he can't typecast himself and must "exploit" various commercial angles to "cater to the masses". He admits revisitng romance genre with "Greekuveerudu" was a "conscious decision"."As an

  • actors don t get typecast in bollywood ali zafar

    Actors don't get typecast in Bollywood: Ali Zafar

    Bollywood | April 29, 2013 15:39 IST

    Mumbai, April 29: Actor-singer Ali Zafar, who began his Bollywood journey with comedy film "Tere Bin Laden", feels that actors don't get typecast in the Hindi film industry."I don't think actors get typecast in Bollywood.