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  • tv confirms death of gaddafi s son khamis in libya

    TV Confirms Death Of Gaddafi's Son Khamis In Libya

    World | October 17, 2011 18:32 IST

    Tripoli, Oct 17: A pro-Gaddafi TV channel confirmed the death of the toppled Libyan leader's youngest son, Khamis, who had been reported killed by National Transitional Council fighters late in August.Arrai, a Damascus-based broadcaster that

  • libyan rebels say gaddafi son khamis dead

    Libyan Rebels Say Gaddafi Son Khamis Dead

    World | August 30, 2011 7:29 IST

    Tripoli, Aug 30 : Muammar Gaddafi's son Khamis, whose death has been prematurely announced several times during the Libyan conflict, was killed south of Tripoli and buried, a rebel spokesman said.“One of the rebel leaders