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  • shahid to take air force training

    Shahid To Take Air Force Training

    Bollywood | April 11, 2010 19:46 IST

    Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is holidaying in Goa before going for a 10-day air force training in Begumpet near Hyderabad, says a media report. Dad Pankaj Kapoor, always known to work hard preparing for his

  • army air force navy in rescue relief act

    Army, Air Force, Navy In Rescue, Relief Act

    India | October 03, 2009 8:22 IST

    The army, navy and air force have joined the rescue and relief operations in flood-hit areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.  The IAF has deployed 13 helicopters- five MI-8 and eight Chetaks in Andhra Pradesh