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Noise i1 Smart Eyewear: 10 Pointer review- Smart, stylish and a great performer indeed!

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Review is all about our hands-on experience to the smart glasses and how they responded. We used these glasses for a month and below is our review to let you now our take on the same.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: August 22, 2022 23:40 IST
Noise i1 Smart Eyewear
Image Source : NOISE Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

Noise recently introduced smart eyewear named ‘i1’. This smart eyewear is something very unique and new indeed in the et and I personally have a lot to share with you through this review. We reviewed the eyewear from Noie for more than a month and here is our 10-pointer review to let you know how it works and if does the justice or not.

Let us get started with the specifications and how the device has justified the features:


The i1 smart eyewear comes with a 16.2mm speaker driver, supports Bluetooth 5.1v, and has a wireless range of 10 meters. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices and on the battery front, the smart glasses support up to 9 hours of playtime with 70% of volume. The device claims to completely charge the device within 1.5 hours, which can be checked with the charging indicator.

Weighing around 47grams, IPX4 waterproof rating glasses are safe to wear in any condition. It also features voice assistance- and you can use Siri or OK Google and command action to your glasses. 

Below is the 10-pointer review for the new smart eyewear from Noise:

  • Look: The eyewear look smart and feel comfortable to wear. Though it was a little slippery for my face size, for men, it is expected to fit perfect. The smart i1 comes with a pair of lenses (without any power) which you could use as per your preference- either sunglass, reading glass or eyewear while driving to give you a handsfree experience.You can also get the power lenses added in the i1 frame - but beware! You need to inform them that this is smart glass and they have to be cautious with the g}lass temples.

India Tv - Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

Image Source : NOISE Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

  • Calling and music experience: These smart eyewear is something I was doubting before using it, but once when I started using it for a month, my thought changed. During the calls, the mic supports ambience noise cancellation, and the sound could be adjusted from each side of the prism of the glasses. It was very handy and easy to operate and the best part- when we are speaking to someone over the call via i1 smart glasses, no sound leaks from the glasses. This was something very incredible and I personally love it as we can answer, end and reject calls via eyewear with a simple touch. It also features dual pairing, and the glasses could be replaced with prescription lenses too- could be transformed into sunglasses and more. 

India Tv - Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

Image Source : NOISE Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

  • Noise i1 sunglasses come with UVA/B 99% protection  
  • The smart eyewear come with Hyper Sync technology which enables the user to pair with any device automatically by opening the temples of the glasses. Pairing is not a time taking process at all. It was smooth and flawless- as I connected with a couple of Android and iOS devices 
  • You can use Siri as well as Google Assistant with your smart glass when you are driving or doing some important work. This feature works perfectly well. You may tap on the left or right temples, or can simply touch the panel thrice to activate this feature. 

India Tv - Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

Image Source : NOISE Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

  • The bluetooth connectivity can work within the range of 10 metres without any trouble.
  • Water Resistant: The smart eyewear comes with an IPX4 rating which means the device is water-resistant and it really is. I used it while I was commuting or walking, and it was raining too, but the performance, calls, music play experience- everything was flawless. 
  • Charging: we can charge the i1 via PC or laptop easily by plugging it into the USB cable to the socket. You must know that the temples of the glasses should be closed and you must place the magnetic charger on the magnetic charging points of the glasses.

India Tv - Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

Image Source : NOISENoise i1 Smart Eyewear

  • Verdict: Overall, very unique smart eyewear entered the Indian market and Noise has done a tremendous job with i1 smart eyewear. While a number of tech giants have been claiming to come with the smart glasses and VR headsets in the coming year, Noise has taken the first step by launching the new i1 smart glasses which are priced at Rs 6,999 (on the official website at the time of writing). And those who are gadget lovers and prefer to go handsfree, for them, it could be an ideal companion with smartness in the modern world.  

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