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MG ZS EV iSmart 2.0 infotainment system review

MG ZS EV comes equipped with an 8-inch HD infotainment system and it is called the iSmart 2.0. Here's how it performs in the real world.

Devesh Arora Written by: Devesh Arora @aroradevesh New Delhi Published on: January 26, 2021 17:51 IST
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The infotainment system shows plenty of information about the car.

Touchscreen infotainment systems have become quite common these days. While most of these systems bring navigation and better multimedia support to the table, MG takes it a step further with the help of their iSmart 2.0 infotainment system. The iSmart 2.0 comes pre-installed on the company’s electric vehicle, the MG ZS EV. Here’s a quick glance at its features and how it performs out in the real world. 

MG has equipped the ZS EV with an 8-inch HD infotainment system and it has named it the iSmart 2.0. The infotainment system comes with a new 6-core processor paired with 3GB of RAM. The powerful internals ensure a smooth user experience. To make the experience even more delightful, the company has worked on the advanced interface. Furthermore, the iSmart 2.0 comes with an embedded SIM, which offers internet connectivity on the go. However, users can still choose to connect the system to their phone’s hotspot if they like to do so. 

MG ZS EV’s iSmart 2.0 infotainment does not get all that power and connectivity just to play music. It can do a lot more than that. To begin with, the infotainment system comes with some dedicated EV features. These features offer real-time insights about the electric vehicle, including remaining battery charge, range left, CO2 save and much more. 

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Image Source : INDIATV

It can even show the MG ZS EV's tyre pressures.

The system also alerts users when the EV’s battery charge drops to under 30 per cent. Once the range drops down to 50kms, the iSmart 2.0 system automatically starts showing the nearest charging stations.

Speaking of maps, the infotainment system comes bundled with navigation from TomTom. It offers accurate directions and an easy to navigate interface. Even if the car’s battery level is above 30 per cent, users can still search for nearest charging stations using the iSmart 2.0. 

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Image Source : INDIATV

It comes with TomTom maps pre-installed.

Alternatively, the users can also say “Hello MG, take me to the nearest charging station,” and the TomTom app will guide them. This is possible due to the cloud-enabled AI-based Voice Assistant. The users can even command the voice assistant to open the sunroof or roll up all the windows. 

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Image Source : INDIATV

It comes with the Gaana app pre-installed.

As mentioned above, the MG ZS EV comes with internet connectivity, which in India has been enabled in collaboration with Airtel. The internet connectivity allows the iSmart 2.0 to get over-the-air updates. It also allows users to listen to their favourite music via the pre-installed Gaana app. 

Lastly, the infotainment system also checks all the right boxes by offering Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and much more. 

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