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WhatsApp to block you from taking screenshots of disappearing messages- Know more

WhatsApp is expected to bring a new feature that will stop the user to take screenshots of the disappearing message- as a part of a security update. It is said that the company is working on the feature and is in beta version and will launch soon- but the date and time are yet not revealed yet.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: October 10, 2022 15:11 IST
Image Source : PIXABAY WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been continuously working to make the platform more secure and private for users. Earlier, the company brought in the feature of sharing images which could only be viewed once, and it is being used much in today’s time. Also, the disappearing mode on the individual chats would destroy by themselves, keeping the space and privacy maintained. Now it has been rumoured that the instant messaging app has been working on a new handy feature, which will refrain you from taking screenshots of the one-time show messages. 

WhatsApp to block screenshot taking and sharing function 

It has been a while since WhatsApp was expected to introduce a new feature which will refrain users from taking screenshots as it was considered one of the privacy breaching features on the device. 

Blocking the ability to take screenshots of the auto-delete message will help in improving privacy. 

It has been reported that WhatsApp has been working on this feature and it is on the beta version for Android only. So, if someone will try to take a screenshot of the one-time-to-appear message- then the screenshot will come but only a black image will appear- this happens when you take screenshots on Netflix too. Also, the banking apps will not allow the user to take a screenshot either. 

Although the feature- blocking the screenshot feature on auto-delete messages is considered an important step for upgrading privacy. However, we are still uncertain when the company will roll out the new feature for the users.

Also, the major problem on WhatsApp is that the content shared by the users is not 100% copy protection, so if you get any automatic message removal, then this will not let you take a screenshot under normal circumstances However, there is always a way, and a user can either to photograph or film the content from another device too- which will still, not be protecting your data 100%.

But all said and done, we still have to wait till the company rolls out the new and most anticipated feature on the platform.



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