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Gmail users can now easily create meetings with new Google tools: Know how

The new Calendar tool will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well as users with personal Google Accounts. By integrating calendar functionality more seamlessly into Gmail web, Google aims to improve productivity and offer users a more efficient way to schedule and manage meetings.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: July 13, 2023 8:55 IST
Google adds new features to Gmail for efficient scheduling
Image Source : FILE Google adds new features to Gmail for efficient scheduling

Google is introducing a new Calendar tool in Gmail web to enhance user experience and streamline the process of creating, scheduling, and inviting others to meetings. With this addition, Gmail users will have the ability to create new Meet video conferences directly within the Gmail web's compose window. While Gmail web users could already create meetings from the webpage, Google has now made the calendar option more accessible.

It has been integrated into the bottom toolbar, which was previously hidden inside the three dots menu at the top of the email conversation view. 

Upon clicking on the toolbar, a new popup bar appears, offering two options: "Offer times you're free" and "Create an event."

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The "Create an event" feature allows users to easily set up a new meeting by automatically filling in the event title and recipients based on the email content. Additionally, the platform inserts the event summary into the email body for efficient sharing.

The addition of the "Offer times you're free" option is a completely new feature in Gmail web. When selected, it opens a Calendar side panel where users can choose and propose meeting times by selecting free slots in the calendar for multiple days.

Once the proposed meeting times are shared, recipients can conveniently select one of the suggested options and automatically create an event invitation after confirmation.

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The goal behind relocating this feature and introducing the "Offer times you're free" option is to simplify and expedite the meeting creation process for users. By placing the option directly in the toolbar, it becomes easily accessible. 

Furthermore, many aspects of the process are automated to reduce the need for users to switch back and forth to add details and recipients. These enhancements streamline the process of creating a meeting invitation within the Gmail app.


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