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Apple WWDC 2022: New iOS16, macOS Ventura, new iPad OS and new MacBook Air with M2 Chip, read details

Apple WWDC 22 launched the new iOS16, MacBook Air with M2 chip, Mac Ventura, watch OS update, iPad with iOS16 and more. Read to know all what happened in the event.

Saumya Nigam Reported by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: June 07, 2022 1:24 IST
WWDC 2022: Apple Updates the entire portfolio
Image Source : WWDC 2022

WWDC 2022: Apple Updates the entire portfolio

Apple, a Cupertino-based tech giant has been in the news for a really long time and finally the company has unleashed a line of new updated for its devices, whcih were highly anticipated by the tech experts across the world. In the live event which was broadcasted gloabally at at 10:00 AM PT which is 22:30 IST and ended at around 00:19 IST, Apple introduced new iOS 16, M2 chip in MacBook air along with four Air variants, macOS Ventura, .

Here are the highlights from the live event:


Tim Cook concludes the event by stating that teh new updates will be made available to the users by this fall.

India Tv - WWDC22

Image Source : WWDC 22



FreeForm board features:

  • Teams and multiple people can use the feature
  • Move around the focus on touch
  • Sketch and write anywhere on note, with Apple Pencil
  • Anything you need to work with can be brought on the page
  • It is certainly going to help the user top brainstrom ideas

Gaming on iPad

It  provides a great gaming experience to the user. iPad with OS16 will feature:

  • Metal 3
  • Background download API
  • Game Cente Profile- see whcih friend is playing what game and beat them

iPad Apps to upgrade and will be Desktop-class Apps. here are the features introduced:

  • Undo/redo
  • find and merge cards
  • file features- foldersize, 
  • resigned document menu,
  • first time ever-0customiseable toolbar
  • These featurs will help user to be more productive

Reference colour feature for iPad with OS16

  • Reference Mode for colour reference
  • Accurate colours for perfect image quality for editing
  • This mode provide perfect colour in sync with other Mac and iPad synced devices


iPad Update

  • iOS and macOS features will be included in the new OS update on the iPad
  • WeatherKit for the developers intruduced at the event
  • iPad with iOS16 will feature new feature called Collaboration

WWDC22 - India Tv


Collaboration feature for iPad

  • Instantly kick off the collaboration by instantly sending a link
  • Collaborate with the group through FaceTime
  • Everyone in the group will have the acess to the shared tabs
  • And host can see who is checking which tab
  • Edit the document over the call- and the team can collaboratively edit 


Continuity camera on Mac Ventura

It could help you used Zoom, or any other video conferencing apps easily and enabiling the user to have many camera features from their Mac devices



  • iPhone to Mac- your FaceTime call will be automatically detected between iPhone and Mac device. If user would like to switch, they may click on the icon for call and teh call could be continued without any lag
  • The devices, if kept close can detect the FaceTime call



  • Fast resource loading API, for loading hight quality content during the game pplay on the mac
  • Village Resident Evil game introduced for the Mac
  • Smooth movement, real like experience, 4K experience with MacBook Studios
  • High gaming performance


Safari is the most browsed app on the Apple apps

It has the highest quality playback 
Safari has a new way to share content  

Privacy on Safari

  • Passkeys: Next generation credentails 
  • Use touch ID to activate  
  • This cannot be leaked or phished
  • it is easily available for mac, iPhone iPad and Apple TV
  • Passkey works seamlessly on cross platform


macOS Ventura features

  • Manage cluttered multiple apps
  • Stage manager from control centre will automatically arrange all the apps on the side
  • Click on the mail, you will get the screen will be open and otehr apps will go to the left
  • App with multiple open windows- Stage Manager will enegale to pile up accordingly on the left side
  • You can have overlapping windows along with the pages windows
  • Stage manager keeps the windows arranged as per the requirement

India Tv - WWDC22

Image Source : WWDC22


Spotlight feature on Mac

  • Great for doing all kind of things
  • find images from the live library, live text to find anything on your mac device from any part of your Mac along with browsing internet from one feature 
  • Spotlight to come on iPad and iPhone too
  • Spotlight will be more productive to find what you are looking for, faster


  • MacBook Pro cames with 20 hours of battery life
  • Both Air and Pro supports with 100% recycled rare earth elements


M2 comes in Macbook Pro (13-inch) aswell, with upgraded and faster performance.



MacBook Redesigned and here are the features:

  • Powered by M2 chip
  • New design with thin and sturdy 
  • 11.3mm thin
  • 2.7 pound
  • 4 new colours
  • MagSafe is back in the new MacBook Air
  • Audio jack for high quality headphones
  • Liquid Retina Display
  • 13.6-inch display with much thinner border 
  • 25% brighter than before
  • supports 1 billion photos
  • Camera: 1080p camera 2x resolution compared to the previous air
  • Even better audio experience
  • 4 speaker sound system on the keyboard
  • Magic Keyboard with Touch ID
  • Force Touch Trackpad
  • ​Compact power adaptor with 2 C-port

India Tv - WWDC22

Image Source : WWDC 22

MacBook Air


Apple launched Mac M2 Chip for MacBook Air. The new Macbook air with M2 chip will feature:

  • 25% higher power graphic performance
  • 2.3x faster performance
  • Cool and quiet with exceptional battery life
  • M2 comes with Secure Enclave and Neural Engine
  • Next generation Media engine
  • 4K and 8K could be played smoothly

India Tv - WWDC 22, apple, m2 chip

Image Source : WWDC 2022



Apple Watch will feature a Sleep Stages feature to check the user's sleep cycle
Researchers are still looking for understanding how sleep helps in improving the perfromance 

India Tv - WWDC22

Image Source : WWDC22


Heart Health

  • AFib History- to let you know your heart status- to calculate the time when the heart is on the top and even consult the doc

Medications App

  • Track medication, vitamin and suppliments
  • Recieve notification for regular medicines
  • Track and manage medication in the health app 
  • Scan iPhone camera on medicine label to know about the drugs 

Health Sharing Feature

  • Invitation to share with family member to share their health data
  • Health data is not shared without user's permision


  • Many fitness features have been updated in the workout apps- from running with multiple modes to check if you are running properly or not
  • Fitness app will be available to all iPhone users to contribute to your daily move roll
  • Apple watch will help the fitness app benefits to the iOS app


Watch OS9

4 new watch faces-

  • Astronomy whcih will show the clould condition across the world
  • Lunar calender, as per regions and is one of the ancient calander from the history
  • Playtime to tap the display and witness the dancing numbers
  • India Tv - WWDC22
    Image Source : WWDC22



iCloud Photo Sharing Library

  • Share with up to 5 family memebers 
  • Choose to align images in the library as per people, date, and choices
  • User can manually move pictures
  • Introducting new switch to share pictures on library


Safety Check
Apple working closely with organisation for abusive and safety check
Safety stops sharing location, resets privacy permission and helps to manage who you gave the access to 
Apple recieved many positive response for this feature
Safety check helps you protect your privacy

QuickNote to come to iOS


Apple Maps

  • Multi stop Routing on Map: When driving, ask Siri to add more stops while keeping eyes on the road, to have a safer driving experience
  • Transit Card Balance- use voice command to transfer the amount to the wallet without moving the eye from the road 


  • Family Sharing feature will help user to share the personal subscription
  • Share the subscription ID and Password with up to 5 family members
  • This will save money to buy apps on so many other devices

For Kids

  • Household with kids will have different features for kids
  • It will be easily managed with better parental control 
  • It will have age appropriate restriction
  • When your kid will request for extra time with the device, parent can simply respond to the text, and the time will be upgraded on the iPhone or iPad,
  • upgraded usability of time, 


Message Update- Dictation

  • Could be much faster than typing
  • It could be much useful for typing long format message, mails and content
  • It is designed to maintain your privacy

New Dictation Feature

  • When user will start dictating, the device will have the keypad open, so if they are looking forward to edit any text- they may select, and change the same by dictating for the selected content

Live Text

  • From camera to safari to notes and screenshots, thsi feature will help you fetch the content from the pictures and videos

Quick Action

  • Translate Camera- new camera view which will help to translate lot of text
  • User will now be able to translate text from photos and videos
  • Visual lookup was introduced  last year, and this year Apple has added the new feature for image understanding- you can touch and hold the images and the picture will be cropped and could be used as a emoji or sticker


iOS 16 Update will offer new intellegence to your iPhone and you could do so much with your iPhone. Let us start with Lockscreen: 

Lockscreen Update:

  • New way for personalisation
  • Press and hold to customise your lock screen of the iPhone
  • Try out different style and choose all what it could compliment according to your choice
  • Customise the font shapes and colours
  • You can now add widget gallery as per the requriments- and choose options like temperature, activity grid, calander widget etc
  • Brand new wallpaper gallery will give you options to choose from a huge range of wallpapers from iPhone, including Emoji wallpaper and Pride wallpaper too
  • Photo shuffle feature will help you get different wallpapers throughout the day
  • Smart Suggest feature to let you choose the best picture ton your device automatically
  • Live weather condition update, which is cool indeed


Tim cook opens the event and gave a background about the event.

"Last year many developers engaged in WWDC and we expect 34 million apple decelopers to get connected this time, says Tim Cook


Apple event now live on Apple's official website, Apple's official YouTube channel and on the Apple TV app. Though there is just some music at the moment of, but we expect the opening video to follow soon. 

India Tv - WWDC22, wwdc live, apple.com

Image Source : APPLE.COM

Apple WWDC Live


Tim Cook startes the event with introducing about WWDC and its history. 

9:40 PM

Apple has tagged the official page with the hashtag #WWDC22 and asked people to join the live event.

India Tv - Apple, WWDC22

Image Source : TWITTER


9:33 PM

Tim Cook reveals his excitement on his official Twitter account and captioned his post: "Developers assemble! It's going to be a great day! #WWDC22"

India Tv - WWDC 22,

Image Source : TWITTER

Tim Cook 

9:25 PM

Apple is expected to unleash the following at the event tonight:

  • iOS 16- which will feature an updated lockscreen, new widgets, and, an always-on display (maybe)
  • An iPadOS 16 update which might help you make your iPad work like a laptop (as per the reports)
  • A sneak peek at macOS 13 Mammoth and the new updates and settings
  • WatchOS update with better battery optimisation
  • The most rumored AR/VR headset and its availability

And more to be anticipated on the first day of the WWWDC 2022's first day.

9:10 PM


Learn about the latest updates to help you create the most innovative apps and games in the world. Videos and transcripts will be posted each day, from June 7 to June 10.

  • You can watch the session either on the web or in the app
  • You can search transcripts and metadata by keyword, see all instances where the keyword is mentioned in the video, go straight to the time it was mentioned, and share a link to that specific time.
  • Do even more with the Apple Developer app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV:
  • Use SharePlay to watch with friends.
  • Watch at multiple playback speeds.
  • Easily copy code directly from the video.
  • Search transcripts, code snippets, and more.
  • Subtitles and transcripts will be available in English as videos are posted, with additional languages added later this summer.

WWDC22 - India Tv


WWDC22 - India Tv


WWDC22 - India Tv


WWDC22 - India Tv

WWDC 2022

WWDC 22, apple, m2 chip - India Tv


WWDC22 - India Tv

MacBook Air

WWDC22, wwdc live, apple.com - India Tv

Apple WWDC Live

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WWDC Live update

WWDC22 - India Tv


About WWDC 2022

WWDC is a Worldwide developers conference from Apple which is a 5-day event, designed for an inspiring week of technology and community. You will get the first look at Apple’s latest technologies and platforms in sessions, you can explore the newest tools and tips for your Apple devices, and connect with Apple experts in labs and digital lounges to know more about what your Apple device could do.


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