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Rs 19,990 headphone turns into toothpaste surprise! Amazon Responds...

Amazon goof-up: A guy was totally surprised when he opened his package from Amazon, expecting to find the Sony XB910N Wireless headphones he ordered for Rs 19,000, only to discover a Colgate toothpaste instead.

Written By: Surabhi Shaurya @SurabhiShaurya New Delhi Updated on: December 11, 2023 12:34 IST
Rs 19,990 headphone turns into toothpaste
Image Source : FILE Rs 19,990 headphone turns into toothpaste

Many of us choose to buy things on the internet because it's often cheaper and more convenient. With just a few clicks, we can order what we need without leaving our homes. Online shopping is a time-saver, and we can easily compare prices to find the best deals. But, like everything, it has its downsides. Some people have had bad experiences, like getting their orders late or receiving the wrong or damaged items. These stories often get shared on social media, showing that online shopping isn't always as smooth as we hope it to be.

Recently, a man was left shocked as he received a Colgate toothpaste after ordering Sony XB910N Wireless headphones worth Rs 19,000 from Amazon. Taking to X (previously Twitter), the customer named Yash Ojha narrated his ordeal via a video. In the clip, Oja unboxed the Amazon box and captioned, "Well I ordered Sony xb910n and got Colgate lmao." Watch the video below. 

Amazon was quick to reply to Ojha's complaint. It said, "Our apologies regarding the incorrect item of your order. We'd like to help you with this, please update your DM settings & reach out to us via DM. Further, please don’t provide your order/account details over DM as we consider their personal information."

However, this is not the first time, a man has received the wrong product from online shopping. Earlier, a man had received a different product after ordering a ₹90,000 camera lens from Amazon.“Ordered a 90K INR Camera lens from Amazon, they have sent a lens box with a packet of quinoa seeds inside instead of the lens. Big scam by @amazonIN and Appario Retail. The lens box was also opened. Solve it asap,” wrote Twitter user Arun Kumar Meher while sharing pictures on the micro-blogging platform.

Later, the customer shared Amazon has started an investigation. “@amazonIN @amazon is saying they are investigating the case, but how come this happened in the first place. This is totally unacceptable, please solve it asap and send me the lens I ordered or refund my money,” he tweeted.


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