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AC buying guide- things to keep in mind before buying your first AC

Here are the tips to keep in mind before buying your first air conditioner- longevity, great performance and price range.

Saumya Nigam Edited By: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: August 03, 2022 18:00 IST
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India faces a stretch of scorching summer every year. Air Conditioners have become a necessity these days. With a variety of options available, we are here to guide you through buying an air conditioner. These air conditioner buying tips and guides will help you choose the best one for your room. 

LG offers a diverse range of air conditioners with various price points and Cooling Capacity/ Star Ratings to keep you and your wallet cool during Indian summers and winters. The air conditioners provided by LG are designed for low power consumption and reduce electricity bills, so forget worrying about those hefty electricity bills. With the incorporation of AI in building an AC, LG has mastered the art of cooling as LG ACs automatically analyse temperature conditions, providing you with the utmost care.

Built to perform in every weather condition, the air conditioners from LG are equipped with ADC safety sensors. These sensors provide robustness and safety at every step of operation making the air conditioners highly durable while ensuring stable performance.

This buying guide intends to help you identify the factors that you need to look into, to make the right AC purchase to dodge the summer heat. 

The type of AC suitable for your room

There are two types of ACs: Split AC, and Window AC. Each one of these has its own unique advantages, and you should choose as per your convenience and needs.   

List of considerations before purchasing a new AC

Size of the room: One should consider the size of their room and then decide what the ideal AC capacity is needed to cool the room effectively. Both Split and Window ACs are available in various capacity segments and customers can decide which model to buy on the basis of their requirements. 

The cooling capacity of the Air conditioner: An oversized air conditioner can cool the room faster but may consume a lot of electricity, whereas, a smaller air conditioner needs to work hard to cool the room, and consumes a lot of electricity, even though it's not able to cool the room efficiently. LG can cater to your every AC need as they have a wide variety of ACs in several tonnages. 

Star Rating: Star Rating indicates the energy efficiency of an AC. If the star rating of the AC is high, its energy efficiency will also be high and it will consume less power for cooling. A 5-Star AC will be a bit expensive compared to 3 Star but within a few years, it will give you savings that will cover its cost. In 5 Star Segment LG also has VIRAAT Super 5-star air conditioners with 5.2 ISEER ratings improving the efficiency by 11% as compared to conventional 5-Star Air Conditioners with 4.7 ISEER ratings. 

Features to be considered

Opt for an AC that has a cooling and heating feature that lets you stay warm and cosy during winter. These Hot & Cold ACs by LG provide you all-weather care and numerous other benefits compared to a room heater

Indian customers prefer ACs with Copper Pipes due to their durability and reparability. LG ACs have a special Ocean Black Protection applied to copper pipes of both Indoor & outdoor units that provide exceptional durability for the AC in typical Indian regions affected by Sand, Salt, Industrial Smoke and humidity.

Monsoon Comfort features so that you can get rid of excess moisture in the air during the monsoon. With this feature forget the hassle of buying one dehumidifier separately. 

The entire range of LG ACs are convertible i.e. user can reduce or increase cooling capacity as per requirements of faster cooling or energy savings. Various capacities are 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% & in some ACs cooling capacity can be increased to 110% as well

If you are looking for a feature-packed AC for your home with great cooling, then the 2022 range of LG air conditioners comes equipped with an anti-virus protection filter. Coated with Cationic Silver, the filter deactivates up to 99%* of viruses and bacteria and removes harmful substances such as pollen from the air. These ACs come with features like UV nano & Air Purification and aim to care for you and your loved ones. 


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