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This WhatsApp text can freeze your Android, iOS smartphone

WhatsApp Text Bomb starts circulating among users across the globe freezing all the smartphones. Here's what you need to know.

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New Delhi Published on: September 08, 2020 20:40 IST
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WhatsApp text bomb starts circulating everywhere.

WhatsApp is currently one of the most used applications across the globe. The cross-platform messaging app constantly gets updated with new features, bug fixes as well as security patches. With every update, the company aims to fix something but ends up leaving a backdoor for some hacker or the other by mistake. Due to this, another text message has started circulating among users that freezes their smartphones. 

A twitter user brought this into public attention with the help of WABetaInfo. The WhatsApp features tracker posted a tweet on twitter seeking ideas for WhatsApp features. In one of the relies, the company found about the buggy message that tends to freeze the smartphone of any user who tries opening the text.

In his tweet, Ian said, “Anti-crash integrated into official WhatsApp: There are messages designed to freeze or crash your WhatsApp. Then there are modded WhatsApp versions that have a “Crashcode protection” like a bigger Unicode database. We need this integrated into the official application.”

According to the reports, the text bomb originated in Brazil and is now spreading globally. These text bombs usually consist of some special characters that make the app crash upon opening.

In case you receive such a message, just delete the chat in which the message arrived. Also, do not forward such messages as this can encourage hackers to create more such text bombs.

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