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No, the Indian Government isn’t screening your WhatsApp messages: Know what the hoax is all about

A new WhatsApp rumour is making rounds that the Indian government is viewing your data. Read on to know more

New Delhi Published on: April 08, 2020 12:43 IST
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WhatsApp fake news 

WhatsApp fake news has been prevalent for a while now. Coronavirus and Coronavirus fake news are both expanding its reach and we all have arguably encountered fake news related to Coronavirus at least once. One such rumour is making rounds about the popular messaging app WhatsApp suggesting that the Indian Government is snooping on users via the platform. However, it's just fake news. Read on to know more about it.

Indian Government isn't snooping on you

Press Information Bureau (PIB) has debunked the latest WhatsApp fake news that is related to the WhatsApp ticks. According to the tweet by the Twitter handle PIB Fact Check, the information is false and people should refrain from believing it.

As for the rumour, it is suggested that the Facebook-owned messaging platform has started showing three ticks on a WhatsApp message. One blue tick on a WhatsApp message means that the message has been sent and two blue ticks mean that it has been delivered. Three blue ticks mean that the Indian Government is keeping a tab on the messages sent.

What gets interesting is that if a message gets two blue ticks and one red tick, the government is in the position to take action against that particular message if its fake news. One Blue tick and two red ticks mean the government is screening your data. Lastly, three red ticks mean the government has started taking an action against you and you will receive a court notice soon.

However, all this is completely false and PIB asks people to stay away from such rumours and not fall for them.

For those who don't know, WhatsApp has a new feature to curb the fake news especially Coronavirus fake news. The messaging app will now limit the number of forwarded messages sent. You can send a single forwarded message to one chat at a time. This will automatically be ensured if a particular message has been shared five times in a row.

While WhatsApp is trying hard to curb fake news, we as users need to do our bit too. It's always advised that we don't believe everything we receive on our social media and check from authentic sources before trusting the information or spreading it.

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