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PUBG Mobile fiasco: Mohali teenager steals Rs 2 lakh from grandfather’ pension for in-app purchases

PUBG Mobile seems to be in trouble yet again in India as teenagers continue to indulge in hefty purchases for the battle royale game

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New Delhi Updated on: July 06, 2020 20:19 IST
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PUBG has been a debatable battle royale game owing to the kind of addiction users end up with. In a similar case of addiction, a 15-year-old teenager reportedly stole around Rs. 2 lakhs from his grandfather and splurged on PUBG Mobile's in-app purchases. Read on to know more about the incident.

Mohali teenager steals lakhs for PUBG Mobile in-app purchases

It is suggested that the Mohali-based teenager made use of his grandfather's pension money to make in-app purchases. The news has been reported by a report by Tribune India. As per the report, the boy started playing the battle royale game back in January and started making cautious payments for the same via Paytm as taught by a school senior.

The money was used to buy Unknown Cash or UC that allows users to buy skins, crates, and other in-game items. For this, the teenager made an account on Paytm under his grandfather's name and used his documents for the same. It is revealed that the boy made around 30 payments in the past two months, totalling up to Rs. 55,000. The family got to know of the theft quite recently when the back account statements were checked. Upon investigating the boy, it was revealed that he spent around Rs. 2 lakhs for the same.

Following this, the boy's family has filed a complaint against the school senior who helped him with the purchases and involved him in fraudulent practices. A mail to Mohali SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal has also been sent across suggesting that the boy was enticed by the senior to steal the money. Furthermore, the boy claims that he gave some money to the senior for the in-app purchases.

To recall, this is the second time a few days a teenager has stolen money for PUBG Mobile. Recently, a 17-year-old Punjab boy stole Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents for in-app purchases.

The aforementioned cases being PUBG in the negative limelight again suggesting that the battle royale game is not only addictive but can become a source of crime on the part of people using it. The game, last year, registered similar cases of theft, deaths and more due to which it was temporarily banned in the country. In similar news, PUBG has been banned in Pakistan as it is addictive and has a bad impact on children.

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