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Good headsets have become important in the new normal: Here's what EPOS has to say

EPOS is a popular audio brand that makes premium headsets. Here's why they think good quality headphones are important in the new normal.

Devesh Arora Edited by: Devesh Arora @aroradevesh New Delhi Published on: October 26, 2021 18:44 IST

EPOS Audio offers some good quality headsets for conference calls.

While some people even started going to the office, some are still working from home with the equipment they have. During this time, video conferences have become more important than ever and this is the reason why one should get a good pair of headphones. EPOS is a brand that manufactures some premium headphones and in order to help us shed some more light on this topic, Sudeep Roy, Director, Sales, EPOS India helped us with some questions.

Upon being asked if good quality headphones are important during the time or not, Roy suggested that in all cases the user should be able to communicate his points well. He said, “A headset with a high performing microphone should be able to filter out the background noise emitting in our homes, offices, restaurants etc. Our Adaptive ANC constantly monitors the background environment and adjusts the noise reduction so that the user is able to concentrate on the conversation, without any distractions.”

We were also keen to know that what are the effects of bad audio. EPOS claims that today 63% of global end users are experiencing issues during business conversations on a regular basis because of poor sound quality. The most common problems include background noise (32%), inferences on the line (26%) and asking for information to be repeated (23%).

In the hybrid world, bad audio is a serious barrier to professionalism and our research shows that 60% of decision makers believe better sound will help them retain clients, while 71% believe that it will help prevent lost pitches in the future. 

Positive internal communications are linked to employee wellbeing. Technology designed for in office scenarios where employees can expect quiet surroundings simply don’t work for a hybrid set-up – because of negative sound experiences, 26% of global employees say they feel frustrated, irritated, or annoyed. 

Mr Sundeep Roy believes that the lack of connectivity doesn’t only increase the risk of employee burnout – it presents a real threat to innovation. 

Since the company has been totally focused on bringing the premium audio experience to its customers, we wanted to know if EPOS is planning to expand its portfolio beyond conference and gaming headsets in India. As a reply to my query, Roy said, “Along with headsets EPOS already has a wide range of meeting room devices including speakerphones & extension microphones. Along with this EPOS is foraying into the Video space with its Expand Vision series of intelligent video conferencing equipment.”

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EPOS products are not particularly affordable considering people can get a decent pair of headphones these days under Rs 2,000. So, I wanted to know how is EPOS planning to beat the competition in the more affordable segment. To answer this, Roy said, “The major challenge for companies is the quality of their audio equipment – what might work for listening to a podcast won’t suit professional needs. Critical challenges in the hybrid working set-up stem from bad audio or visual tech experiences with close to all (89%) end users currently experiencing difficulties in virtual meetings. These negative experiences can affect employees’ ability to focus, engage and actively contribute. Fortunately, decision-makers are recognizing the impact that bad audio can have on their business and employee wellbeing - 88% accept it has caused their company issues over the past year. “

“Audio quality is becoming a true business differentiator and it can mean the difference between success and failure in virtual communications and the far-reaching consequences of this can affect the long-term health of an organization and through quality and world-class standards EPOS aims to differentiate itself from the competition,” he further added. 

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